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After posting “Coming Home to Roost” I think it is only fair on my part as the writer to give equal time to the Islamic idiots called ISIS. So where do we start? I know Islam like every other religion past, present and (I hope not) Future are all superstitious Faery Tales not worthy of reading.
ISIS. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is also the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood, Wives, Nature and Magic. She is also known as the wife of Osiris (Chief Egyptian God), and a friend of slaves, sinners, and artisans. Wow lookee here, the Muslims have named their organization after a Pagan Goddess (in English). Now ain’t that a kick in the pants? What I find sort of funny in my cynical way is what if there is a god and paradise and all these road apples and cow patties have to stand before him. Boy is Ol’ Nick gonna be stoking the furnaces. Methinks the Hinges of Hades will be close to the melting point. Also production on all those virgins the Muslims were promised will be stopped. BOO HOO! Between Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda in Yemen, Boco Haram in Nigeria, and of course Iran it seems that terrorism is becoming a way of life for these Muslims. OOPS forgot Libya. It is no wonder the world does not trust Islam and Muslims are not liked, their religion comes from the muzzle of an AK 47.
As written in the previous post the USA really blew it in Iraq and now they are left with a hell of a problem. My advice, let the Sunnis and the Shia battle it out. Who knows we might get lucky and the idiots wipe each other from existence. As the title suggests “those who sew the wind reap the whirlwind”. So Obama and company if I was in yours shoes I’d take a vacation and wait till the shooting is over. Of course that won’t happen the yanks will end up short of putting boots on the ground helping the weak Iraqi Government to hold on to power. They will send more drones and fighter jets to support the Iraqi Army which is from all accounts a joke. Of course they is always that great fall back plan “NUKE ‘EM” as any good republican president would if he were in power. If that would ever be a solution I suggest you strap Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld onto the bombs and let them ride them down Slim Pickens in Dr. Strange Love.
As everyone who has the misfortune or good fortune (take your pick) to know me will tell you my stance on Religion any and all religion. It is the bane of Humanity. I must say though that Islam and its’ radical adherents are the newest necrotic disease curable only by an extremely sharp scalpel. I for one am extremely sick and tired of listening to these Islamic Apologists tell the world that Islam is not like that. These people are corrupting the Faith. Stop apologizing for them and do something to get rid of this barrel of rotten date. THOSE WHO SEW THE WIND WILL REAP THE WHIRLWIND.


2 thoughts on “SEW THE WIND

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    As you write…”Terrorism is becoming a Way of Life for these countries.” They’ve developed too much power in other nations…and the Consequences, we should fear! However, governments have accepted these “would be citizens”
    into “other countries”…SAD.

  2. Meg says:

    The thing that you did not mention, because of your prejudices toward Religions, is the face that these Terrorists are not Muslims, they are using the muslim religion to ride in on and to give (they think) some validity to their “cause”.

    nothing that they say comes from Mohammad Himself.

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