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On the History Channel there is a series entitled “Ancient Aliens” about the research, if you call it that into Aliens from the beyond have come to Earth over the eons to educate and guide us.
I for one firmly believe that there is life elsewhere in our Galaxy and the Universe as to having visited us, all I can say is “I’m from Missouri, Show me”. The hosts and presenters on Ancient Aliens would have us believe that extra-terrestrials have been pretty regular visitors to Ancient Earth and helped Humanity on the road to civilization. WHY? If superior extra-terrestrials did visit this remote rock I would think it far more likely they would exploit the natural resources using the indigenous population as a work force than come here as Good Samaritans for the betterment of Humanity.
The Egyptian Pyramids were built sometime after 3000 BCE. I if this is the case it makes them roughly just over 5000 ‘years old which when you consider it isn’t that long ago in the History of this Planet. Now as I wasn’t present at the time I have no idea how the ancient Egyptians did it but I think they had some pretty smart engineers back then and a large work force to do the humping and hauling. As the Egyptians had the wheel they had the pulley and the “A” frame and they had the lever. So with all those mechanical devices and a few other engineering tricks they could have and did build them on their own. No celestial help from the Gods.
Central American pyramids build by the Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec were of a different style than those of Egypt. Egyptian Pyramids were built as tombs whereas the American ones were temples for sacrificing to their blood thirsty Gods. The pre-Colombian civilizations were very comparable to the Egyptians as they too had pretty savvy engineers. So back to “Ancient Aliens” just like Von Daniken before in his rather skeptical and at times ridiculous book “Chariots of the Gods”, The current presenters on this show draw conclusions from the same sources. Personally this writer, who happens to be an avid History nut, is somewhat skeptical of these conclusions. Ancient people were superstitious and in order to explain what they could not they invented the “Gods”. When lightening flash it was the sky god, the ground trembled it was the earth goddess, and storms on water were the water god. Ancient man wasn’t that stupid. He managed to invent fire, flint tools, and dugouts without the help of some kindly Vulcan who just happen to be passing by.

One of the proponents of these somewhat comical theories is a certain Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who without sounding cattish has hair that looks like he stuck his finger in a 110 volt socket. If advancing these ridiculous unprovable hypothesis is the way to gain notoriety then he for one has certainly gotten ‘his fair share. What is even more ridiculous are those who believe this claptrap of extra-terrestrials and intra-dimensional beings coming here to help mankind. Hey, give me a break. Myself I do believe in other beings in our Galaxy and Universe and perhaps one day in the distant future we will meet. We can only hope that the meeting is peaceful and cordial. Let’s hope that they don’t have “Honkin’ Big Space Guns” as Jack O’Neill of Star Gate likes to call them.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    A fascinating view of history! Your opinion is more….than most people have! Readers can accept or refute your words. There is always more than one solution and we, with our wisdom minds, have the right to consider other options. An interesting read, David.

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