4100 PT.9


4100 pt.9
Been awhile since I have commented on the fine residents of 4100. Actually since this is under the Bashing symbol methinks it will be somewhat mild if any occurs at all.
What to say? What to say? My Daddy use to say if you can’t say something nice about a person then say nothing. Correct etiquette but let’s face it, “it ain’t any fun”. So what to say? In actuality things have been somewhat on the quiet side around here which is fine by me. I don’t want to get thumped in the chest again. There are one or two tenants who when they get on a subject just won’t let go. Like an old dog with a bone. There is also a certain individual, not a tenant, who never seems to be around when he is needed. This can be most annoying especially if it is real important. This is an old building by to-days standards (40 years) and although it looks good and is kept clean like all things that reach a certain age in innards start to fail. It’s a lot like some of us old farts, plumbing don’t work so good.
Now there is one problem that should be taken care for the culprit is well known. One of the tenants call the section of hallway from the elevator running east until it turns south “PEE ALLEY” because the carpet is stain with numerous spots where a dog has peed. This well-known culprit has a dog and one occasion when the property manager was talking to this individual outside her apartment them dog peed on the hallway carpet. Nothing has been done to my knowledge. Now to all this individual is my nemesis so I do everything in my power to steer clear. This individual is older than me and if some of the things I have been told about I can really sympathize with her but she is so far gone down whatever path she is following that it is extremely difficult. She is at the state that everything and almost everyone is a threat. Before I forget to-days free food was pretty good with a good selection including meat. You know “MEAT, FIRE GOOOOOOD”.

When trying to write these type blogs it is difficult not to become a Walter Winchell or Heda Hopper, two notorious gossip columnists in the states. They literally destroyed peoples’ careers and lives. It would be very easy to do that if I were the type. Sitting in the lobby of 4100 and listening to what is going on around you is the idea source of over the fence gossip. Thankfully most of the time I don’t know what or who they are talking about. I will admit that on occasion I have indulged in a bit of gossip. One falls into the trap without realizing it. There are, I have noticed a few who seem to have their own little kingdoms where they reign supreme. Me, I owe allegiance to the Queen of the Commonwealth and Canada’s Head of State, Elizabeth II. To paraphrase one of the Commandments “There is but one Queen, thou shall not pay allegiance to any other”. That is until the Queen becomes a King then the same shall apply. Guess you can tell I’m a Monarchists. OOOPS! Off subject. Now to return to 4100. Actually it has been rather dull around here of late. No one died (mercifully) no one has gone to the hospital with the exception of the one individual who seems to like riding in the ambulance (Meat Wagon in the vernacular) at $45.00 a pop. About the only other thing that occurred was a Tea put on by the Tenants Reps and two of the Tenant co-ordinators were present. Oh yeah! There was another water leak originating on the third floor and coming out on the first. Speaking from experience I can safely say I hate water because amongst other thing it is the most destructive force on the planet. It is bad enough that it soaks ever thing but if it is not dried up properly mould forms and mould can cause health problems even death.
So here we are into the 1st week of July and the weather so far has been pretty good. To-day is gorgeous and with that I think I shall say Adieu until the next time which will be part 10.


2 thoughts on “4100 PT.9

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Gee, Dave…I needn’t be in Reception to know “goings on” in our place of habitation!!! We’re all here for personal reasons…so is our responsibility to respect all others as they should respect others (according to the Golden Rule) so when “others” aggravate and are inconsiderate, our living pleasure here is immensely affected…and IS DISTURBING!

  2. Meg says:

    Was ok , but not your best….have you tried rioting some thin about what people do for activity around here?? just saying !!!!!!

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