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Maori war club

I was attempting to write a piece on the attitude of Bureaucracies towards seniors in this Province and Region. As I was having problems not making it sound like a “Bitching List” I have decided to shelve it and focus more on my favourite subject “Bashing”. There is nothing like a good bashing to get the blood moving and as long as Politics, Religion, and Stupidity exist there are no limits to the availability of subjects. There are times when I have difficulty choosing which of the afore mentioned topics as meat for the grist. Bashing Religion usually turns out with me venting my borderline atheistic views most likely sounding somewhat like a rant. Now Politics and Stupidity are two things I can really sink my teeth into. Actually they go together most of the times because a great many politicians are perhaps the dumbest most idiotic creatures (Cretins) breathing.
The main source, in my view, for stupid dumb politicians is the American Republican Party and its more idiotic branch the Tea Party. There is such a wealth of moronic hypocritical verbiage spewed by them that it is incomprehensible that there are so many Troglodytes in one country. The list of these creatures is so vast that I have neither the time nor the patience to even attempt to put them to paper. Anyway I can’t afford the printer ink it would take to print it out. Hey that just reminded me about the robbery that goes on with the sale of printer ink cartridges and toners, sometimes it’s enough to pee off the Pope. Sorry, mind does that to me now and then. An idea pops into my head completely unrelated to the subject at hand and off I go. Bashing should be objective, sarcastic, and funny never spiteful after all we are civilized. Aren’t we???? When bashing one should not resort to profane vulgarities unless the occasion should warrant it then what the f—k go for it. Sometimes there is just no getting around letting someone or thing have a good dose of profanity after all to a lot of people out there it is their second language.
I rely on the media such as TV and newspapers to give me my targets. I especially look through the political news to find those unsuspecting characters I can pounce upon and I must say that the richest field is the American Republican Party. My quarry are not solely American as every now and then some idiot in Ottawa opens his or her mouth and sticks their foot in it. Along with American politicians I just love bashing the uber conservative radio talk show hosts along with tea party outsiders who think they are capable of doing just as lousy a job as their Republican insiders. Bashing can be categorized into three areas, subtle, not so subtle, these two I have not quite mastered, and there is my type, like pass me the war club honey we are going to bash big time. This last type I have gotten a good handle on and also it’s my favourite. You know blood, snot, and brains. You know like hold still will yah there are a few bruises that need a little retouching.

In my world of bashing there are also some rather prominent members of the female persuasion that I just love zeroing in on, one whom I shan’t name, but used to be governor of Americas’ most northern state. Another is from the Swedish populated state and last but definitely not least one from the so called empire state. The following is not meant to be a sexist misogynistic comment but all three together have the sum total intelligence of a 2 month old brontosaurus, No insult to that species of extinct dinosaurs meant.
To briefly revisit the Religion part of my bashing I do so only because I get frustrated by the attempts made to insert it into the political equation. It don’t go just like water and oil. I realize that religion can be and is an important part of some peoples’ lives and as it is a free country they can believe what they want even if it is a fairy tale propagated to gain wealth and power for some. It is like Goebbels said, “tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth” and let’s face it lies are easier to believe, especially the big ones. I personally can’t believe in some really, really, old guy with long white hair and beard as being god. If you want to believe that be my guest, it’s a free country just don’t try to foist it off on me.
In closing if you are going to bash someone or thing do so with some humour and try to keep spite out of it. Bashing when done properly can be an enormous source of fun plus the pure pleasure of zapping some idiot.


2 thoughts on “THE ART OF BASHING

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Truly, you have developed “bashing” as an art…I am pleased you have defined your interpretation of this so we can better grasp the intent of your writing. Politics and Religion I steer away from as they can be quite controversial. When forced to opinionate on either topic, I will state my views!

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