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To rant, to speak vehemently or wildly. Have you ever wanted to just go off on a rant? You know just take a subject or incident and start spewing forth with verbal diarrhea sending your blood pressure up to the point you feel you’ll explode. Yes/No? I have but fortunately by the time I finish writing it I have calmed down, read what I have written and consign it to the Recycle Bin. An individual who allow his anger to cross the line from coherent speech to a Rant has lost the argument before it really gets started. Most who rant all the time are usually very angry people. Angry at life, angry with themselves. Now Ranting knows no social or educational barriers. Ranting is definitely an equal opportunity condition from Red Neck to White Collar. The basic problem with ranting is that it doesn’t take long for the Ranter to become incoherent and end up misquoting facts and spouting gibberish.

Some of the better rants come from politicians and evangelical preachers. When they get onto a subject it is very difficult to say who’s the better? I think the honour might lie with the Tea Party Republicans in the States. When they get going they always without exception drag religion into the political equation. They will rant on about some really insignificant topic and mange to invoke, God, Jesus, and Satan Usually in the same sentence. It is not just the politicians and preachers it also includes anchormen and women employed by a certain media corporation which takes its name from a bushy red tailed feral member of the canine family.
Ranting is somewhat detrimental to the health. It causes blood pressure to increase along with heart rate. It can acerbate some existing medical conditions such as coronary disease. If you have ever heard the saying “calm down or you’ll bust a gasket” well it is true as that gasket could be an aneurism and if that blows boy are you up the proverbial creek.
Ranting is one of those things that isn’t really good for the soul nor for keeping friends. Ranting will tend to cause people to ignore or avoid you resulting in no audience to spew your venom at. One will definitely get more attention if one approaches a discussion in a calm logical manner. Even if you don’t win you just might give your opponent something to think about. So the next time you feel the urge to go off on a rant, remember stop, think, and get calm, you will definitely get whomever a startling surprise.


2 thoughts on “TO RANT OR NOT TO RANT

  1. Meg says:

    very cute –I have however noticed you dislike the “tea party” cause you rank a lot about them. I think they are sort of dipsy and harmless.

  2. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    For some, ranting is a method (unaware to them) for releasing their vehemence, their displeasure, their canker sore that has been brewing to a point of high emotional temperature. Once spewed, they find a degree of peace in that others have listened to them and THUS lightened the load that has accumulated within.
    Until the next time…..!

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