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A charming friend of mine who comments on my blog has stated “very cute –I have however noticed you dislike the “tea party, cause you rant a lot about them. I think they are sort of dipsy and harmless.” Well, Luv back in the early 30s that’s what they were saying about the Nationalsozialistisch Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NAZI) and its’ leader Adolf Hitler.

Tea Party is an American political movement known for advocating a reduction in the U. S. national debt. It has been described a mix of libertarian, populist, and conservative activists” (Wikipedia) It takes its name from the “Boston Tea Party” when in 1773 protesters threw boxes of tea into Boston Harbour because of the taxes imposed by Great Britain. It expounds the idea of returning to governing the country as the “Founding Fathers “intended. It places the U.S. Constitution at the centre of its’ reform agenda a document which is outdated and stagnant. It is an ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party that advocates smaller government, lower taxes, and supports a foreign policy that favours total war and unconditional surrender over limited wars with limited goals. They are avid defenders of the 2nd amendment about the right to bear arms, they spout on and on about American Exceptionalism, whatever that is, and from some of their rhetoric are Isolationists.
The billionaire Koch brothers are very instrumental in raising funds to support candidates with Tea Party affiliations. So what started out as a grassroots movement is now supported by two of the riches individuals in America. This is the party that supports politicians like, Cruz, Pailin, Bachmann, Paul, and West, and staunch supporter like Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, and Beck. It is in a nutshell a party of extremist ‘WHACKOS” who in my opinion would be quite happy if America ruled the world. What am I saying, they already think they do.
With the Tea Party’s stance on total war and unconditional surrender it is either their way of the Drones come a calling. It is an organization that caters to the lowest denomination of the American populous and preying on their fears of what they perceive as threats. If Socialism is mentioned they think Communism, big Governments are the enemy, Liberalism is the source of all their troubles and God is on their side. That god on their side bit has been around for ages. During the Crusades the Christians were screaming “God wills it”. The Muslims “Allah is Great” and in the First World War the belt buckle on the Germany soldiers uniform said “Gott mit uns” , God with us, so I guess if you’re a non-believer such as I you’re screwed. Now I must admit that I am biased against the Tea Party and what it stands for as I am a liberal and I do not live in the U.S. but every time the U.S. sneezes we grab for the Kleenex. What happens in America affects the World and being attached to them at the hip we are affected by the changes first. Somewhere between 10% and 30% of Americans support the Tea Party. Surveys tend to show that most members are white males in their forties, church going, Conservative and are wealthier and better educated. Well that tears the ass out of my Troglodyte image of what they were. Irregardless, there is the whacko fringe elements that tend to go to extreme and have been noted as intimidating political candidates who don’t vote along lines they deem proper.
I have been a Liberal as far back as I can remember. My parents were Liberal and most, not all, of my family are liberal. Somehow a few Conservative got in but I understand that the liberal part prays for them. I don’t pray for them I just tolerate them as Canadian Conservatives are different from Yankee ones. I digress, back to the Tea Party. Before I forget the two lumps in the title are not sugar. Now back to the bashing if you can really call it that. It seems rather tame as compared to my usual fare. Guess I should back off recharge and wait for the next idiotic move our southern cousins make



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    So Glad I wasn’t around for the “Tea Party”! Thanks for all your info and related facts….more than my brain can handle.

  2. Meg Stevens says:

    Thanks for the tea party info: I really didn’t know much about them, I am also a liberal but in moderation if one can do that !
    I am also concerned with some of the Europeian political parties that are very natzi.
    I am afraid this world is in for a few more shocks

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