4100 PT.10

Maple Leaf 1

4100 PT.10

This will be the last posting about 4100 for a while I may return to it or I may not depends on what the future holds.

I am starting to get used to living here (only took a year) and have met a good few people who I will call friends, and a few who will be called acquaintances and some who I must admit I don’t much cotton too. Thankfully the ones I can’t cotton too are few and far between and I am mature enough to tolerate them. All of us in this building are 65 plus and as such mostly set in our ways. After all we are each a product of our life experiences which differ from person to person. Some here say I have had a very interesting life, to that all I can say is my life hasn’t been dull. I have done a few things and been a few places where others haven’t. I would say that as I am briefly talking about myself is the one big fault, if you can call it that, is I’m still a big kid. Haven’t quite grown up in some areas but hell it’s fun.
I have always loved to write but I am not as good at it as I once was. As one grows older the mind slows down somewhat and one’s ability tends to slow down also. I have a neighbour who thinks I am a great writer along with being an excellent cook. I will take those compliments with a humble thank you. A great writer I’m not, perhaps adequate is more accurate but I am a pretty good cook. I have another friend who reads my blog and the other day she commented on and corrected a grammatical mistake. Never was much good at grammar just like to write. Too bad I can’t afford a proof reader like the well know authors to correct any mistakes. Some who have read and commented on my blogs say I have a unique style and I am cynically humourous.
Well enough of my self-aggrandizement (that Napoleonic complex keeps popping up) and back to the original topic 4100. As I was saying we are all a product of our own individual experiences. Some think life has given them a rotten deal as nothing ever seems to go right for them. Others have plodded along enjoying the good times and surviving the bad. Some have really relished their lives and lived it to the fullest. Sadly though we all grow old and due to whatever circumstances have ended up living here or other establishments like it. From my observations most have grown accustom to the accommodations and are coping quite well but we all say or think that if we had the money we would be outta here. Things are pretty much quieted down here, the inmates still run the place as our keepers never seem to be around or are locked in their office hiding from us coming out only at natures’ call. Speaking of which. Ah! The pause that refreshes. Hey when nature calls you ignore it at your peril. It being summer and those with garden plots and green thumbs are busy being farmers growing their tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. I envy them in a way as I have never really had the desire to grow things. Generally when I plant something it is a guaranteed death sentence for the poor thing.
So as you see the seasons roll by and 4100 is still here sheltering the retired and being the last abode for many. Such is the circle of life. As the opening to an old TV medical show “Ben Casey” MAN, WOMAN, BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH, INFINITY.
Adieu and so long for now. ‘Tis all she wrote.


2 thoughts on “4100 PT.10

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    I love your “floating maple leaf”! That’s me adrift on the Sea of Time! No rush to go anywhere…so can enjoy the leisurely flow! The Pause That Refreshes is a great statement! Our lives change at intervals…and ’tis said, “A pause is as good as a rest” which gives us time to face the next stage ~ hopefully one we can enjoy…or alter it to give us satisfaction and contentment!

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