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I guess this could be classified as an addendum to 4100.
There are 109 apartments in this building the majority of which there is one occupant so for argument sake we will say there are 109 tenants. Of these 109 roughly a dozen are male the rest of course consisting of the fairer sex of which I know about 30 all toll. Of these 30 I am more familiar with 17 or 18. By familiar I mean I know them a bit better as I converse with them more often. There are some within this group who seem to think I am a very intelligent man and herein lies the crux of the matter.
If I am as they say a very intelligent person it is because I love to read. I also seem to have the type of mind that on certain subjects retains the information. The one subject that I definitely retain info on is History. I am fascinated with the subject mainly because I find it alive, constantly ebbing and flowing. When I read History I am there like an invisible wraith floating over the scene. I also like to write and I seem to have a little bit of talent. A great author I’m not nor will I ever be. I’ll leave that area to my son-in-law. Anyway to get back to the subject at hand. It is very flattering that some of the ladies read my blog and are kind enough to comment on my endeavours. I happened to mention that I had written some poems and a few of the ladies asked to read them. It has been years since I wrote any poetry and to be honest I don’t know if I still can. I suppose if I started again it would come back to me. One of the ladies thinks some of my poems are very funny. OK some were written in a humourous vein and meant to cause a chuckle or two.
When I joined the U.S. Army they tested my I Q and found it to be six points below that of Genius. Let us consider that. If the test were accurate then I did pretty well but remember It was almost 50 years younger and most of my intelligence lay outside the area of mathematics. Never was any damn good at the subject just barely scraping through in high school. I do not seem to have a very logical mind. I have been told I gravitate more to certain areas of the arts. This could be true as I like subjects such as Literature, History, Geography, and Music although I can’t play any instrument or for that matter read music. I just like to listen to good music. I thoroughly dislike country and western, rap, hip hop, and what they call rock these days. To me it is all just a bunch of gibberish and screaming.
The same people who say I am very intelligent also say that I have lead a very interesting life. Not really, I have done a few things, been a few places and seen a few things that most don’t. If that adds up to an interesting life then OK. Nowadays I’m just another retired Old Fart who still hasn’t quite grown up. Actually I refuse to grow up all the way as I’m having fun and that’s the whole idea. So you see ladies I am not the Resident Genius, just someone who likes to read and retains most of what he reads. Let’s face it if I or anyone else here were a genius we’d have been outta here a long time ago. After all any genius can plan a breakout.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    A very good self-analysis! In modern-today terms, it’s a “selfie”! You have broadened your outlook on LIfe with the experiences you’ve had, places you’ve been, books you’ve read, and developed your passion of History. Many seniors have not been able to fulfill themselves by taking advantages of opportunities that came their way…so hearing of your detailed life, gives significance to what one can accomplish.

    Same is true of my life which amazes many and even surprises me when I reminisce about memories and realize that, “Yes, I’ve achieved much and had a great education, not just in institutions, but with travel, vocations and aspirations.
    Life is too short…and plenty of time to still…Live Life to its Fullest!”

  2. Meg says:

    I wonder what your requirements for a genius are!!!!!!
    It is to my thinking a person who read a lot and thinks about things and NEVER stops learning.
    so stop bashing and putting down David and accept the fact that he is funny smart well read (which is the best kind of learning) and a loving and kind person…
    of course he is a man… and that might account for some of the problems. LOL !!!!!

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