Ghostly Manor
4100: OUR HOME.

It sits on the southern shoulder of a gentle slope that rises gradually northward from the lake. In the daylight it looks quite normal with nothing untoward about it. As one passes by they will notice a low long building in fairly good condition with a semi-circular driveway and wide front entrance and glassed front balconies on the second and top floor. No by day it is for all intents and purposes a standard low rise apartment building.
It is said that looks can be deceiving and in the case of 4100 this is the truth. During the day there are the usual comings and goings, shopping to be done, cleaning also, and of course the preparation of meals but as the day waxes toward night changes start and what looked so common actually still looks that way on the outside but what shadows lurk in the corridors and hidden corners of this abode of the elderly.
As the long shadows of evening turn to night the one and only staff member has quickly taken his leave, that is if he has been here, and the inmates are left to their own devises. The secret Cabals and Covens now gather to plan their nefarious rituals. Behind the drawn curtains and closed venetians blinds the initiate turn on their windows to the world outside, THE TV and sit until bed time watching various sit coms or mysteries and finally those who can stay awake will watch the late news or Talk Shows. There are some who say that there are strange goings on, weird noises, spirits coming and going, living in the spaces between the floors and wandering the hallways screaming. There are stories of wraiths entering and cutting hair or having their way with females. In the wee hours of the night who knows what could be wandering the halls and hidden places of this our home.

With the dawn all returns to normal the lurching spirits return to the dark places the y hide in and the routine of Our Home goes on, and on, and on.


2 thoughts on “OUR HOME

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Your writing elicits in me a great imagination! The “Home” picture could be the setting of a mystery novel. Remember Bates Motel that ran for 2 recent seasons?
    Perhaps I’ll rename your “Home” built on a rising hillside…BK Motel. The darkened
    ominous sky spells mysteries in the mind…then with all your weird noises and tenants’ night activities…anything could happen…makes one fear the “evil spirits” or “walking ghosts” within this “Motel Residence” Believe I’ll stick to my 3rd floor balcony in the event I may need to be rescued hurriedly!

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