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I had intended to take a brief sojourn form 4100 but that got shot out of the water six days ago with the posting of “Not the Resident Genius” and yesterdays’ “Our Home”. So much for my sitting quietly in the lobby or outside listening. That was the problem, “LISTENING”. Should have worn ear plugs. Problem with that is one, I don’t have any and two, they make my ears itch like hell. I seldom wear my hearing aids but even that doesn’t work because unless the people around me whisper I can pretty well hear them. Let’s face it the only way I can get a break is to lock myself in my apartment with the windows locked blinds closed watching the idiot box or staring at the four walls.

So for the Grumpy one I am back and I hope it helps you develop a more pleasant disposition. If not then grumpy is OK. A couple of days ago four of us were sitting outside under the trees and a young Oriental girl came out of the building as she walked away I commented on how tall she was even with the three inch wedges she was wearing. Next thing we hear from one of the ladies sitting next to me is “I don’t think I could handle 3 inches” it was said in all innocence but by the time the penny had dropped and she realized what she said I and the others were roaring in laughter. It was to put it mildly, hilarious. Hey you got to have a good laugh now and then it’s good for the soul.

To-day I went to Burlington Mall on the bus with a lady friend and I bought a new pair of shoes and a watch. Let me tell you about the shoes. Five or six years ago I bought a pair of everyday loafers at Payless and as you can well imagine they were pretty worn. In fact you could push your finger through the heel up into the inside. So I guess it was about time. Anyway found another nice pair of affordable every day loafers tried them on and wore them home. My old shoes are in a garbage bin inside the store. Hey I believe in getting my moneys’ worth out of shoes and clothes. When we got on the bus to come home it was air conditioned and I looked at my friend and said “Where’s my Parka” it was so bloody cold. So all in all it has been a pretty good week here at 4100 and my longed for hiatus has evaporated like perspiration on a hot day.


One thought on “4100: END OF THE HIATUS.

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    A conversation with a “humourous twist”…at least, except for the speaker, the others “got it”! I’ve one for you just as humourous (if you had read some of my Bridge experiences before you arrived here) so a brief explanation: At the Bridge table a husband & wife sat as Opponents. She opened her hand “1Club” (sometimes, it might only be a 3-card suit, but usually 4 or more in that lowest suit of the 4 (Spades being highest). When some play this system (as I do also), the opener’s Partner must Alert & tell the Opp. as Brian did….”It Could Be Short” (meaning short in number of cards). WE ALL Laughed!!! and he was embarrassed.
    Glad you had a profitable afternoon shopping!

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