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Last night (4 Aug) around 7:00 P.M my neighbour in 307 knocked on my door asking if I could go down to apt. 126 and see what was causing the flood in her friends’ apartment. When I got to 126 I found that it was indeed flooded with about ¾ of an inch of water everywhere. We had a heavy rain storm and the area outside the ground floor apartment in that area was flooded about 3 inches deep and the water was pouring under the patio doors into the apartments 124,125, and 126. Hell of a mess. For some reason the phone that my friend has wasn’t working so I came back upstairs to mine to call 311. I called 311 Halton Emergency for an hour and twenty minutes either receiving a busy signal or being cut off while waiting for a service rep. Found out this morning that the system was overloaded by people trying to report flooding or other storm damage.

Because of the grading on the north side of the building there is a depression where the water can puddle and until this is corrected the apartments on the ground floor in that section of the building will be susceptible to flooding again if we get heavy rain like that again. Of course like a lot of things around here it will get put off because either the budget won’t handle it or they just ignore it. Ignoring it seems to be the norm especially when it come s to seniors. Being a senior is like an inconvenience to the bureaucrats who are in charge. They have their so called tenant meetings where they listen to our concerns and spit out the rote answers and promises to appease us. By the time they have finished their platitudes and leave the building they have already forgotten what was discussed.
There are times when the looks of condescension on the face of the middle management we deal with is insulting to say the least. Sometimes it’s damn well sickening. You know like “there, there dear calm down and take your meds and everything will be just fine”, B.S. I think the one thing that upsets seniors the most is being treated as children, irrelevant children at that. Well guess what this is not the Victorian Era where “Children were seen and not heard”.

Some last night finally got through to Halton and they did send people to take care of the situation but that is not going to stop a reoccurrence of the flooding in heavy rain. The area in question on the north side of the building needs to be regraded or some sort of runoff channel put down. Of course asking or getting Halton to do something will be akin to pulling chicken teeth. Like the words in that old Latino song “Mañana, Mañana is
Good enough for me “.


3 thoughts on “4100:- WHEN THE RAIN CAME

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    SO GLAD we are on the 3rd Floor! That reaction from “our higher ups” is despicable! I recall when we had “balcony problems” when a few of our “residents” on the front suffered for two summers without access from their apartments except to go downstairs! At the meeting I’d asked if these persons would be compensated for their terrible inconvenience by a reduction in their monthly rent. THE ANSWER from the Property Manager, MIchelle was, “NO! You tenants here are on “Geared to Rent Income!” ???????? That was worth a “class action suit” against her! I was unable to locate a pro-bono lawyer who’d take our case.

    I agree with your remarks, David…and feel So Sorry for these”residents” inflicted with this “cause of Nature”.

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