Maori war club


Well it seems that the powers that be don’t want us tenants sitting in the lobby and talking. The chairs that were there are now gone, removed this morning by order of the property manager. It seems we have been bad little boys and girls so a privilege has been removed. It is another incident that makes us feel that we are just a pain in the bureaucracy’s’ butt.

Well what do you know we have some rebels amongst us. I went down to the lobby about an hour ago and the chairs that had been moved were now back where they originally were. Someone has struck a blow, albeit a small blow for our rights which will be trampled on again as soon as the property manager sees the chairs. The management would rather fuss over small things like tenants sitting in the lobby talking than even look at some major concerns such as security, or repairs, and bullying. We had a class a few months ago about bullying and that did about as much good as a haircut on a bald guy. According to the rumour mill someone complained that when they came off the elevator it was like running a gauntlet. That’s a joke as no clubs were ever brandished by the seniors. Perhaps if the rumour is true whoever said it mistook us for Mohawk or Huron.

It is most enjoyable to sit down in the lobby by the doors and talk, laugh and just hang out. Now because of some possible complaint management has to step in and ruin it for us. Next thing you know they will be giving us time outs, or go stand in the corner. There are approximate 100 tenants in this building with a medium age of approximately 80. Take 20 years off to account for living in the pre-adult world and that is 6000 years’ of experience and these youngster running Halton Housing treat us like children. They’re the ones that need a time out, or better still a kick in the butt. This building is our home and even if we do not own it we pay to live here so we should have some small say in how it is run. The meetings they periodically call are merely cover their butts as the rules say they must be held. The meetings are useless and a big waste of time as they never accomplish anything. They merely acts as a temporary pacifier for the tenants and make management feel like they have done their duty. The Oxford Dictionary defines a Bureaucrat as:- An official in a bureaucracy; unimaginative or doctrinaire. In layman’s terms a pencil pushing geeks. Let’s face it Halton Community Housing seems to have its’ fill of these denizens who survive on paper work and wouldn’t know an original idea if it bit them in the tush. So again it comes down to a case of them versus us and because they have the rule book behind them we will inevitably lose unless we become a united entity willing to stand up to them and state a good argument for what is right.


2 thoughts on “NAUGHTY CHILDREN

  1. Meg Stevens says:

    Loved it !!!!!!! Why don’t you mail this to Dan ??????

    Actually if they would give us our bookshelves in the common room maybe people would go in there to get a book and sit and hang out.

    Just sayin !!!!!

  2. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    Well Written, David! Management’s decision of removing the front lobby chairs is “childish”!!! Easily I could understand that, in lieu of the actual “runway” from opening doors to the elevators (or visiting units within), it is better advised that we chat-sit in the actual reception area which is more spacious and conducive to conversation. Meg’s suggestion, also worthy!

    We could all sign a petition about the foregoing and submit to the HIGH POWERS that be. Our rights are certainly being attacked! RIDICULOUS!

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