Maori war club


There is a small but possibly growing trend towards Civil Disobedience amongst the Naughty Children. On Monday the property manager had the chairs in the lobby removed and by Tuesday morning they were back. Tuesday afternoon the chairs were again removed and this morning, Wednesday, they are back. Who will win this tug of war over the Lobby Chairs?
It seems that Halton Community Housing through the actions of a property manager has aroused the ire of the one hundred or so female tenants at 4100 Longmoor. I admire the misplaced courage of the property manager but I would advise him that “discretion is the better part of Valour” and that it might be to his betterment if he backed off.
The tenants at Longmoor consider this our home and that they should have some rights and say in what goes on here. As mentioned in the previous blog on this subject why act childish over the small problems that basically do not hurt anyone. What H.C.H.C. seems to forget is that we are not little children but adults in the twilight of our years and we not only deserve but have earned the right to be treated as grownups. There are far more pressing problems at Longmoor than the fact that a few individuals complained about others sitting and talking in the vestibule leading to the doors. May haps a program of Civil Disobedience is called for. Every time management comes up with some ridiculous or childish idea the tenants just ignore it. Regimentation is for the military not civilians unless “1984 and Big Brother” snuck in the back door when no one was, watching. Blind obedience to the rules has caused a lot of grief in the past. There must always be an avenue of compromise and if compromise falls on deaf ears then there are other methods that can be employed. This attitude of confrontation that shows its’ ugly head around here every now and then is detrimental to all concerned. Management has to stop thinking and treating us like children who have to be punished because they don’t always agree with the powers that be. This chair thing would be comical if it didn’t means so much to some of the tenants. Personally I like to sit down there with my peers and talk, make jokes, and laugh. Agreed there are some who go there to gossip in an attempt to stir the pot but the rest needn’t listen. Hell I like it because I get ideas that I can use in my writing. Whatever the commotion over the chairs is all about it is “much ado about nothing. A tempest in a teapot”.



  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    “Tempest in a Teapot” is a most appropriate term! Reminds me of a wolf teasing a lamb! Behaviour by the Big Bad Wolf is most unreasonable!!! Someone needs to become a RAM-ses to protect our parameters…and not be bullied into acceptance. of the “Pack at the Top” trying to inflict managerial control upon us! There are greater issues at stake which should be resolved for the betterment of all dwelling in this complex!!!

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