BASHING\, Religion


Maori war club


Next to bashing Politics and Politicians I love Bashing Religions. I am an equal opportunity basher on the aforementioned subjects. To-day the War Club falls on ISIL and Islam. Wait a minute they are merely two sides of the same coin.
Let’s start off with the claim of some Muslims that what ISIL is doing is not Islam. It is Islam. The Islam that exploded out of Arabia in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is the Islam of conquest, and oppression. It is the Islam that condoned pedophilia, slavery, and mutilation. It was spread by the sword and those who would not submit died. At the height of its’ power it spread from Egypt to Greece, and the Balkans. Spain, North Africa, the Holy Land and Hungary were all under its’ dominance. In the East it spread to India and the East Indies and always it was submit or die. The Spaniards finally defeated the last of the Islamic Emirates, Granada, in January 1492. In Europe in the 17th century the spread of Islam, under the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), was finally checked at the Gates of Vienna.

ISIL has erupted out of Syria which is deeply involved in a Civil War and spread into Iraq in which it now holds about a third of that country. It is extremely well organized and financed with thousands of followers including hundreds from Western Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Its’ followers are nothing short of fanatic barbarians bent on conquest and destruction. They have declared a Caliphate which is an Islamic state ruled by a Caliph or successor to Mohammed. It is governed by Islamic Law, Sharia Law, and is the antithesis of everything that we in the western world believe in.

All other major religions in the modern world have evolved with the times but Islam seems trapped in a time loop that will not let it break out of the 10th or 11th centuries. No other major religion advocates violence like Islam. In Islam there is no room for compromise, Islam is the true path and all others are infidels to be trod asunder. Even those Islamic countries that have embraced secularism seem on the verge of falling backwards under the threat of radicals from within.
Those who do not embrace the teachings of Mohammed are deemed to be infidels to be put to the sword unless they submit (convert). Islam claims there are three peoples of the Book, Jews, Christians and them but to them the Jews and the Christians have it all wrong and that Mohammed is the last of the Prophets and his teaching are the direct word of God spoken to him. Methinks he spent too much time in the hot Arabian sun. I firmly believe in a Creator but He/She/It isn’t a God, it is the Universe in which we live. This of course makes me a prime candidate for beheading as I am an Unbeliever, an Infidel. Both the Jewish and Christian Faiths in most part can accommodate my belief for it recognizes a Supreme Creator as does theirs. They call theirs’ Jehovah or God and I call mine Creator.

To ISIL and Islam there can be no God but theirs, ALLAH, no truth but theirs and no mercy on those who will not submit to the Will of Allah. What kind of religion allows its’ followers to kill thousands of their own innocent people including women and children. What kind of religion allows for the rape of women or selling them into slavery? What other religion allows for child brides who at age 9 are old enough to have sex with their husband (Master). All religions are a bane upon mankind but Islam has the added distinction of being a PLAGUE, and like any other plague it must be stopped. It is a sad state of affairs that the Democracies of the world have let this virus grow so strong. It is no different, really, than Ebola, or Malaria or Bubonic Plague it must be erased from the face of the world never to cause grief and suffering to millions again. The question is? Will the Western world step up to the task or will they sit back wringing their hands and say “oh! Those poor souls someone should do something”.


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