Maple Leaf 1

Here it is the end of August coming up and September is waiting in the wings. Summer, if you can call what we have had so far that, has gone by pretty quickly.
Time, they say, is a relative thing what is a day for some is a life time for others. Time is not constant it ebbs and flows. It is stated that as one approaches the speed of light time contracts and slows down. Don’t know never been able to run that fast. This though I swear is true that the older one becomes the faster time passes and when you hit sixty-five it does go into warp speed. Time is the “Nemesis” of humanity there is either too much time or too little time. Time either flies by or it creeps by with the speed of a glacier melting.
There are four observable dimensions Length, Height, Depth, and Time. Of the four Time allows us to, for one put things in order of occurrence such as Past, Present and Future. It is also used to measure how long events are and the intervals between them. Time is a fundamental structure of the Universe a dimension in which events occur. What I have just written is a very small part of the scientific description of time and as I am not a genius in math, physics or astrophysics I don’t understand the full definition and to be honest I don’t really need to. There are actually 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.1 seconds in an Earth day but being human we round it to 24 hours for simplicity. It balances out in a leap year when an extra day is added to the calendar in February.
From conception through death we are subject to the effects or ravishes of time. If one takes the stance that life begins at conception then we are all 9 months older than we say. As old hat as it is “Time waits for no Man” for none of us can slow it down nor stop it. It will march on. Time allowed us to make calendars and to record events it also gives us an anchor as it marks where we stand, where we stood, and where we will stand. Time travel is at this stage of development not feasible but consider this, when you look up at the stars you are in a sense looking back in time for the light that is reaching your eyes could have left that star 5, 10, 100, 1000, or a 1,000,000 plus years ago. The oldest TV Sci. Fi show is “Doctor Who” all about a “Time Lord” who travels back and forth, up and down, and in and out through time. I am not a big fan. There has also been stories of “Immortals” who live forever and time means nothing to them as they never grow old or get weary. I am sure that at one time or another just about everyone has wished they could turn the clock back. Alas T’is but a dream. No time is the enemy of all mortals and perhaps the worst invention for those in the later years is the mirror as it shows each wrinkle and blemish that seem to sprout every night by the glow of the moon. Yes it would be fantastic to be able to go back in time but then what would you or could you change?


2 thoughts on “TIME FLIES

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    So happy to see the floating leaf again…it depicts life as well as its movement through the quiet streams or the tumbling rapids (and life does give us both).
    Whatever is one’s strategy, it is not necessarily “religion” that’s the strength to guide us…to me, it’s “the focus” and “attitude” that are the contributing signposts.
    And necessary it is ~ to FOCUS on some ACCOMPLISHMENT for the day…which may only be the beginning… or the continuance of a day-by-day-build to an anticipated goal.
    Enjoyed your thoughts today, David.

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