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I have now resided at 4100 for 14 months and I guess the old adage is correct “Home is where you hang your hat”. Unless some unforeseen incident occurs this is my home until that final move into the unknown. I guess in actuality that isn’t so bad, after all I have met new friends and acquaintances and perhaps a few who do not like me that much. Hey that’s life isn’t it?
Here at 4100 we have as would be expected for a seniors’ apartment building a wide variety of individuals a hodgepodge of our society. I believe our tenants range from 65 to 95 in age and some are damn spry for being in their 90s’. We have a few cliques and gossips, recluses and loners. There are the angry and the cheerful. There are the shy and the gregarious the clannish and the religious, and a Pantheist, some would say clown. All in all a cross section of society. There are Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Egyptian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Scots, English, and South Africans, a regular United Nations. The people come from all walks of life and many professions, Nurses, a Chef, Bus Driver, Auto Parts man, Retired Constables, and of course yours truly the “Not Resident Genius.”
After 14 months the place is starting to grow on me (I hear a good fungicide will take care of that) and I am resigned to my fate of spending my twilight years here. By the way that is not Twilight as in the “Twilight Zone”. If I’m lucky (I hope not) I’m good for another 20 years that will put me up to 2034. The most I could do is 2042, GODS forbid that would make me 100. If I could hang on to 2056, (unbloody likely) I could be here when Zephrem Cochrane invents the Faster than Light Drive in Star Trek. OH Boy! I gotta stop snorting the Windex.
There are a few tenants living here who should be in a place where they can be taken care of. Some have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and some have psychological problems but so far they have not been a threat to themselves or others. Then of course there is the writer who is a complete nut bar and should have been carted off to the funny farm years ago. Guess they haven’t got a butterfly net big enough. As I said above the place is growing on me but before I become part of the fixtures in a few years I think I might just go along being the crackpot clown from the 3rd floor. Hey Guys the sideshow is free.


2 thoughts on “4100: HANGING MY HAT.

  1. Merle Baird-Kerr says:

    “Hanging your Hat” is akin to locating the “key to fit the lock”. Time is a necessity when attempting to find one’s groove…with an open mind, understanding all “the other keys” that have fit and and creating a “circle within the circle” whereby all can peacefully dwell. I hope your hat hangs around here for a good long time.

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