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old guy 1

old guy 2


For anyone out there who follows my blog and are curious as to what the writer looks like the picture above is somewhat accurate. The only difference is I’m stouter (fatter).
I am a 72 year old short, fat, bald, ugly, white guy who has lost most of his upper teeth, wears glasses and also wears two hearing aids on occasion. Rare occasion as I find it convenient at times to be selectively deaf. Comes in handy when people are talking about you. I live in a seniors apartment building owned and run by the Region of Halton in southern Ontario. By the way for some of my American readers that’s in Canada. I write that because I am amazed how little Americans know about Canada. No it does not snow all year long and we do not live in igloos. We do however have Polar Bears and they are mean puppies.
Anyway getting back to the Old Fart pictured above. I have two beautiful grown daughters and an ex-wife. Oldest daughter is married and would you believe I really like my son-in-law. Weird eh! Oh yeah! He is also a blogger and makes me look like I never got into English Composition 101 let alone finish it. Some of my lady friends think I am a bit of a genius and I appreciate the compliment but if I were a genius I sure as Hell wouldn’t be living here. The reason I appear so smart is the fact that I am a voracious reader and luckily haven’t reach the age or stage where I can’t remember to zip my fly. They also secretly think I’m nuts. Well they are not far off the mark. I’m whacko. I love to playfully tease and I will laugh at myself just as hard as I would a good joke. I like having fun. There is also the fact that I haven’t really fully grown up. Actually don’t want to as I like myself the way I am. My oldest daughter will tell you that her Dad isn’t in his second childhood, he hasn’t left the first. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I ride an Electric Scooter that looks like a Vespa. Hell if I could afford it I would be riding a Can-Am Spyder motorcycle. Hey I figure I have maybe 20 more years or so, if I’m lucky and I intend to enjoy as much of it as I can. Of course when and if the days comes when the Grim Reaper decides to call he will find that I am not at home or if he does catch up to me I will not go quietly. After all from what I have been led to believe the place I am scheduled for is extremely hot and I do not like hot weather. That dislike of hot weather comes from summertime in southern Ontario. It is hot and humid (really hot and humid). One would almost think that living in such a clime that I would be used to the hot places. Well take it from me if I don’t like the heat here what make you think I’d like it down there. Now if there was a small corner of Tartarus that was frigid I would reconsider my objections and gladly go.
If the above doesn’t convince some of you that you are dealing with a certified nut case, then I give up. I will close this article of self-description and deprecation as it is now 11:00 am Saturday morning and I am going for a ride.



  1. Men are all “little boys at heart” and we women are knowledgeable of that fact!
    Enjoyed your “tongue-in-cheek” analysis of yourself and the small joys that lift your spirits regularly. We all need those little boosts of happiness within, to recognize that there is still “Much LIfe to Live and it’s to our benefit to ENJOY it.
    Good for You, David…you have found that place!

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