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For the past two and half days I have been in a hermitic mood not wanting any contact with people. I get like this now and then where I just want to be alone to sort my thoughts. It is sort of like defragmenting my brain as sometimes I feel it is littered up with nothing but useless information.
As of late the world outside seems to be falling down around my ears. There is the attempted return of Imperial Russia, The Ebola Plague in West Africa, Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. And last but definitely not least ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It seems to me that rather than advancing civilization is in retrograde and returning to the Middle Ages. Is this the beginnings of another Dark Age, only this time on a worldwide scale? Is it a case of tearing down the established order in order to create a new? It does push the limits of ones’ faith in humanity. Throughout History it seems mankind has allows destroyed in order to advance. Out of death and destruction comes new improved life. Is this our lot or can we break the cycle? I do know it is beyond the ability of this writer to find an answer. We as a species seem to be doomed to constantly repeat History and in that, will be our downfall. This is to all intents and purposes the Age of Extremisms where Religious fundamentalism and Fanaticism has reawakened after a long hibernation and are ravenous for the souls of the innocent.
Again in the name of some God the creed of barbarity and butchery are being regurgitated from the mouth of a terrorist thug and would be Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. All religions that follow the Abrahamic God have had their barbarous side and were spread by the sword. Of the three, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, two have adapted to the times and grew with the societies around them. Only Islam has remained locked in the past and is not the religion that these pious western Imams claim it to be. What other religion in todays’ world uses terror and the threat of death to foist itself upon others. Allah U Akbar, God is Great, the rallying cry of all those who would kill to spread their creed of intolerance.

Thirty-five hundred Kilometres to the north of the Islamic insurgence lies Moscow, capital of Russia and the home of the new would be Tsar Vladimir Putin and the driving force behind what seems to be the rebirth of Imperial Russia (the Motherland, Rodina). This little man (1.70m or 5ft.6in.) with a Napoleonic Complex possibly combined with a hint of Megalomania has taken what appears to be the first step in bringing back the Russian with his annexation of the Crimea and the backing of rebellion in the eastern part of the Ukraine. It is also quiet likely that he has eyes on the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. These three nation along with Poland have asked NATO for assurance of protection in the likelihood that little Vlad will try to take a bite of them. Mayhap his eyes will be bigger than his belly.
The last crisis is strictly humanitarian as it is the Ebola Plague outbreak in West Africa. As per usual the Western World did nothing until it reach epidemic proportions and now there is a rush to contain it before it becomes Pandemic. It is always the poorer third world countries that suffer from these events as we would rather spend money on weapons than on basic health. I know that as I write this somewhere in the Southern U.S.A. some bible thumping born again idiot is saying that it is gods punishment. Isn’t just dandy that this all merciful god always seems to pick on the poorest of people to punish.

When one looks around at the world outside is it any wonder why every now and then I withdraw and try to seek a peaceful place where I can calm my raging mind. These past two days I have done just that. I have hidden in my apartment (cave) reading and listening to soothing music and regaining my faith in Humanity. When my next retreat will occur? Who knows but methinks it will not be for a while.


3 thoughts on “WANTED ONE ROOM CAVE.

  1. That’s a Lot of Heavy Stuff, David! I’ve just finished typing a document whereby I’ve used a couple quotes: This one by Peter Senge who stated, “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed for the better.” As peoples of this planet, we cannot sit back and hope, hope, hope someone will bail us out of all the ongoing strife and we will have again.. Peace, Peace, Peace on Earth. That would be a useless dream!

  2. Meg Stevens says:

    In order to fill a cup with pure water, it is necessary to empty the dirty water and wash the cup.
    You summed it up well David, people will not stand together and demand their rights until their backs are pushed right up to the wall.
    When the peoples of the world finally say ENOUGH!!!!!!!
    Things will not change.

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