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Just a short while ago a friend made a verbal rebuttal to my previous blog on Cynicism to wit that I had a nerve saying I’m not a cynic. Is it possible that I am and have been fooling myself all this time? Yep I’m a Cynic but a nice one.
The Oxford Dictionary defines a Cynic as one who sarcastically doubts Human sincerity and merit. I must admit that in some, not all, respects this applies to yours truly. I trust my immediate family and a few of my cousins and I am willing to trust any acquaintance until they prove themselves untrustworthy at which point they become lifetime enemies. I do not trust Politicians nor Religious Leaders. The Politicians are untrustworthy as the majority are in it for the power and money. Religious Leaders became untrustworthy when as a young man I realized that what they represented and preached was all a lie. So if you go by the dictionary I am a Cynic. One of my acquaintances stated in a comment to my Blog that I was “Humorously Cynical” and to me that is a compliment. Now maybe I am way off base here and I am missing something but I think a Cynic would have to be humourous else he would be nothing but an angry critic tearing everything and everyone down. What I am trying to get across is, if you are going to cut some ones throat (figuratively) you might as well smile and be polite while doing the deed.
Diogenes of Sinope is perhaps the best known Cynic and he had a sense of humour as he would walk the streets of Athens during the day carrying a lamp. When asked why, his reply was “I am searching for an honest man”. Mark Twain the great American Novelist and Humourist was also a Cynic and proclaimed it in many humourous anecdotes. A Cynic has sometimes been described as a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. That is not me as I value family, friendship, loyalty, and honour.

Well when you boil it all down I am a Cynic and to be honest I sort of like it especially if I can be humourous while bashing someone or thing. It is not my style to pick an individual and revile them. To criticize yes and perhaps mildly mock them but I prefer blanket bashing. That is to bash the organization or group. That to me is more fun as it gives me a bigger target to zero in on. After all why bash the head when you can hammer away at the body


2 thoughts on “CYNIC: WHO ME?

  1. Meg Stevens says:

    I am glad you admit it, you are the nicest cynic I know !!!!!!
    Most cynics are bitter and angry but you are humorously cynical.
    I think in our society these days and at our age, most of us are cynical more or less.
    But we all love you anyways.LOL!!!!!!!!!

  2. You well interpreted “cynically humourous” correctly…the meaning as I intended.
    It takes strength of character to describe yourself and admit openly your views, beliefs and anti-beliefs! And to open your mind to others, your process of thinking and your ideals in Life. Many “hide away” their inner being, seldom truly exposing themselves…like wearing a “suit of armour”. You, David, do not camouflage yourself and are truly open to others. “Good Boy!”

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