There are mornings, like this one, when I wake up and look and feel just like the poor soul depicted above. On these type mornings, which there seem to be more of lately, I wish I could crawl back under the covers and tell the surrounding world to go away. Alas and alack I cannot do that as nothing would ever get accomplished. Tempting though it is. I think a great deal of this feeling has to do with the weather outside. This morning I awoke to dull cloudy skies and rain which is most depressing. Point of fact is that for this early in September the weather really sucks. It is more like November than the last days of summer.
I made a date for lunch with one of my lady friends but I don’t think it will happen as it is still raining. I was looking forward to it even though we were just going to get a submarine just down the street. There is still a chance that we might make it to lunch as it has stopped raining and looks like it might clear up. Hope so as I could really go a sub right about now.
So far this morning I have accomplished the main task for to-day. To-night is “Saturday Dinner and Movie Night”. I cook dinner for two lady friends and myself and we watch a movie. Pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening. Right now the Jambalaya is in the Crock Pot slow cooking for the next 8 hours. First time I have tried making a Creole type dish. Hope it turns out okay. I modified the recipe a little by cutting back on the spices as at the age we are the old bod rebels against hot spicy chow. I got away from cooking as it was just me but now I’m back at it and enjoying it. I guess you could say I’m a fair cook thanks to the teaching by my ex-wife. That lady can cook. She has her own little business as a personal chef. Surprise! Surprise! The sun has broken through and it is brightening up. Lunch will be a go. Hold on a min. seeing as it is one of those days it will more than likely cloud over and rain between now and the time to go to lunch.
So here I sit writing about myself again. This has got to be getting boring for those who read it but what the Hell. I have been told that when I write like this it also describes or note how a great many others feel but don’t express it. Okay; so what? I’m the verbalizer for a small segment of my generation. No thanks don’t wanna be. I am quite content to plod along with my small ability to express myself. Hey I have absolutely no aspirations to be an “OLD FART” Guru. There are many who preceded me and were far better at it.


One thought on “4100: ONE OF THOSE DAYS

  1. That jumbalaya sounds good… love these kind of concoctions. Especially like paella…like a casserole with seafood and vegetables…a real “South American”
    treat with a cool green salad ….of course, a glass or 2 or 3 or more of White wine!

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