It is now roughly 15 months since I moved into 4100 and to be honest it is becoming homier to me than I ever thought it would. No one likes to admit they are getting old and having to retire. If you look at it from the perspective of places like this that it is a transition station. Here we live in our own apartments and are as independent as we choose to be or not. 4100 isn’t an old age home with care givers on staff and as long as one pays the rent and obeys the rules you are left to your own devices.
Okay the apartments are not luxurious or very big. In fact they are one bedroom of about 700 sq. ft. with either a balcony or patio. They and the building are reasonably well maintained. The apartments are of course as clean or dirty as the occupant keeps them but the building itself is clean. I along with quite a few other tenants have a cleaning lady who comes, in my case, every second Tuesday to clean and do my laundry which includes sorting it, folding it, and putting it away. As the apartments become empty they are renovated and modernized as much as circumstances will allow. The rents are geared to income which makes then affordable for those on just government pensions. Utopia it is not but there is a roof over your head and you are provided with some comfort .The vast majority of tenants who move out of here either go into long term care or to that which is the final resting place for all.
The ages of the tenants range from 65 to 95 with the ladies (at about 99?) far out numbering the men (at about 10?). Great odds if we were younger but at the average age of the males around here one fem fatale is enough to handle. Yep most of the men here are at that stage in which “what they use to do all night now takes all night to do” that is if we can remember what we use to do. George Bernard Shaw was right when he said “Youth is wasted on the young”.
These year of plus 65 are termed “The Golden Years” those years in which after a lifetime of working and raising kids you are free to do what you want and enjoy the time that is left to you. Your days of work and toil are over your children if you are fortunate to have any are grown and living their lives and you are free from the worry of guiding them to adulthood. You look back in astonishment and surprise that you, let alone they, survived all those years. Perhaps you like me are pretty satisfied with what the Fates (Moirai) have decreed for your allotted time on Earth. It really doesn’t matter as if you could go back and change things those changes would lead to an entirely different life which might turn out to be not so enjoyable or fulfilling as the one you have lived.
So this sojourn at the Longmoor “Way Station” will be as good or bad, happy or sad as I choose to make it. So my Dear Clotho spin the thread of my life for as long as you deem I deserve and when you do finally break it let it be when I am asleep dreaming of what has been and of those I have known and loved.


2 thoughts on “THE WAY STATION.

  1. Love your cartoon! (The Way-ting Stage!). Beautifully written…well described! We all go through “life-phases” and now can reflect on what we have accomplished. In this stage, if we’re smart enough, we have learned to replace the old with …new interests, new friends, new endeavours, new outlook on life…all these to keep us healthy, (certainly not wealthy) and wise!

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