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Above and left is the Royal Banner of Scotland, The Red Lion Rampant. It is not the country’s flag. That distinction belongs to the Cross of St. Andrew, “The Saltire”. Both the Banner and the Saltire are representative of an ancient and proud people. The Saltire has been the symbol of Scotland since 832 C.E. when Oengus (Angus) the second led an army of Picts and Scots to victory over the Angels. The story goes that Oengus prayed for victory the night before battle and swore that if victorious he would proclaim St. Andrew the Patron saint of Scotland. The story further states that on the day of the battle white clouds in the form of St. Andrews’ Cross (X) appeared over the field of battle and that the Scots when seeing that soundly defeated the Angels. From that day to this the “Saltire” has been the flag of these proud northern peoples.
I am a Scot by birth the son of a Campbell from Dundee. Yes a Scot by birth but a Canadian by upbringing and culture. Even though I left Scotland 67 years ago and I am more Canadian than Scot deep down in my heart my love for Scotland still abides. I am proud of my heritage and the accomplishments that Scotland had given the world. That little corner of my heart that is Scotland says “YES” but my brain says “NO”. I fear that if Scotland breaks from the United Kingdom it will be her downfall.

When you look back into the History of Scotland you will come away with the impression that Scotland had little or no love for its’ southern neighbour England. It is almost safe to say that next to fighting each other England came next. Scottish dislike and distrust of the English (Sassenach) led it to form an alliance with France, “The Auld Alliance”, which has never been revoked since concluded by John Balliol King of Scotland and Phillip 1Vth of France in 1295. Simply stated its purpose was if either Scotland or France was attacked by England they would come to each other’s aid. From 1328 until 1707 Scotland was an independent realm. In 1603 when Elizabeth 1st of England died without an heir the English invited James V1th of Scotland to become King James 1st of England. Even though the same monarch ruled in each nation they were independent of each other. After more than five centuries of conflict between the two countries the English finally got control of Scotland (through the back door) with the Act of Union in 1707. Ever since its’ inauguration the Scottish people have not liked this Union as they feel it was foisted on them by wealthy Lords and businessmen on both sides.

Now 307 years later on this coming 18 September an Independence Referendum will take place and depending on the outcome hangs the
future of the United Kingdom. As I stated above my heart is for the YES side but my brain is screaming NO and one should never make important decisions relying on what the heart wants. If Scotland votes yes then in 2016 it will become an independent nation and much will change. Not everything will though as Queen Elizabeth will still be the lawful Monarch and Scotland will stay in the Commonwealth. As a Monarchist I would be very disappointed if this were not the case. Elizabeth is my true and lawful Monarch as she if for over the 50 nations that make up the Commonwealth.
We Scots are a proud people with a long and Glorious History. We have never been totally conquered by an enemy. Hell even the Romans gave up and built a wall across the island of Britannia to keep the northern savages out. The Scots invaded from Ireland and fought the Picts finally assimilating them to forge the Scottish Nation. The Angels and Saxons tried to conquer us follows by the Norsemen, the Normans, and finally the English. None succeeded. In the book “The lion of the North” a History of Scotland John Prebble wrote that “the British Empire was forge by the blood of Scots”.
No matter how the votes turn out the Scots will still be amongst us they are not going anywhere and if or when the need arises they will still be there to defend not only their part of Great Britain but all of it. They are after all “The Kilted Devils from Hell” as the Germans called us in two World wars.


One thought on “UNITED OR SEPERATE.

  1. You portray a knowledgeable picture of Scotland’s history today…thank you for the historical background of your birth country. Heard on News this evening, the intended vote will be very close. Let’s see what transpires!

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