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Birthdays come and birthdays go and there comes a time in ones’ life when to be honest you really feel no different than you were at the last one. They all seem to blur together one day upon another. It is also contended that with age comes wisdom. Wisdom that is just a euphemism for “OLD”. So instead of just getting old we are getting wisely old, or smarter old. Hell that don’t make any sense so we are just getting old period. I really don’t like the term old that much it has the connotation that to be old means throw it away and get something newer. Hey if I could throw this body away and get a newer one I’d do it but it don’t work that way.

If I were an old car in this condition with no replacement parts available I’d be junked crushed and recycled in short order. Thankfully at this point in History it is illegal to do that to Humans but who knows maybe the day will come when you reach a certain age you are terminated and possibly recycled as food like in the movie “Soylent Green”. Who knows maybe sometime in the distant future you will be able to trade your old body in on a, new one. I think there was a “Twilight Zone” show about that. Be kinda cool but I bet it would be as expensive as all hell. As all of us who are considered to be seniors know getting old really sucks, really, really sucks. The problem as I see it is the mind might be young but the body is truly convinced that its better days are long past. In my case whenever I wish to do something robust my mind gets all prepared and then the body starts screaming “what the hell are you? Some kind of freaking saddest? Are you trying to kill us?” There is also the other more gentile approach which goes something like this. “Really I do not think that what you are proposing to do is a smart idea. Why don’t we just go lie down, have a nap and when we awake the ridiculous notion will have passed”? To me both comments smack of my body perpetrating an act of treason against my brain. Normally treachery is an act punishable by execution. Trouble is if you execute the body what does the brain do? So one is caught on the horns of a dilemma or Hoisted by ones’ own Petard. Either way you can’t win.

So as the years blur by at what seems increasing speed what to do. You can settle back and accept the fact that you are aging gracefully or not or you can say to yourself and all around screw it I am going to have fun for whatever time is remaining and get in a good supply of A535 or any other comparable horse liniment and go for it.


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