Have you ever noticed how some people are never happy and do nothing except complain and grouse what a rotten deal life has given them? I believe it was Gordon Lightfoot who coined the term “Rainy Day People” and that is exactly what they are. There is no sunshine in their life or as the French say no “Joie de vie”, Joy of life.
Over the years I have met those who relish every living second and have fun just for the sake of having fun. On the other hand I have met those who are miserable and seem set on making all those they encounter miserable also. They say “Misery Loves Company”. I find it very hard to understand these individuals that never have a happy thing to say about anything. They pass by exuding gloom and misery it seems from every pore of the body. They are reminiscent of that cartoon character that walked around with a rain cloud over his head. The only joy they seem to get is by running everything and everyone down. These individuals are mad at the world for some reason which when you boil it down is ridiculous because it is not really the world that they are angry at but themselves.
Each of us start off life pretty well on a happy footing but somewhere along the line we run into obstacles some of which are difficult to overcome. When this happens and we get knocked down or weighed under but the majority of us get up and carry on. Some, though never seem to be able to shrug adversity off and it piles higher and higher until they let it get the best of them. These sullen individuals believe that the world owes them and that it is the worlds’ fault that they have never made it. Well think again. The world will give back only if you are willing to put something into it. Nietzsche said “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and it is true if something unfortunate enters your life and you survive it then you are the stronger for it. The Human animal is very adaptive and learns from its’ mistakes. One day you may be “King of the Hill” and the next you’re knocked off it. When this happens you have one of two choices; pick yourself up and try again or lay there and wallow in self-pity. No one will help you if you choose not to help yourself. So the next time a mountain falls on you get a pick and shovel and dig your way out. Who knows you might hit a vein of gold on the way back up. There is a story of a famous King who while in hiding from his enemies learned perseverance from watching a spider spinning its’ web. It was a well learned lesson as he reclaimed his crown and defeated a hated invader freeing his people. So, remember this that whatever trial or tribulations should befall you it could always be worse. Take this advice that my Dad passed on to me “Nils illegitimate carborundum”. “Never let the bastards grind you down”.


One thought on “NEVER HAPPY.

  1. Meg Stevens says:

    You got that one right.
    And also you might have mentioned that it seems to be their goal in life to drag you down into the mire with them.
    I try to avoid these people like the plague, unfortunately they sometimes get me.
    Good blog.

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