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At approximately 10:00 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday 22 October a Canadian Soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, died. He did not die in combat nor in an accident he died performing his duty for which he had volunteered. This young warrior from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment of Canada, Headquartered in Hamilton Ontario was standing ceremonial guard at the” Tomb of the Unknown” in our Nations’ Capital when a rabid dog in the guise of a man, a radicalized Muslim gunned him down. Two days before Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in Quebec when he and a fellow soldier were struck by a hit and run vehicle. The driver of this vehicle was another radicalized Muslim later shot to death by the Quebec Police.

Almost 1400 years ago Islam exploded out of the Arabian Peninsula and it seem that for most of that 1400 years somewhere in this world somebody has been fighting Islam. From the attacks on the Byzantine Empire to the Crusades then the expansion off the Ottoman Empire, the invasion of India, China and Indonesia. The conquest of Spain by African Muslims. The Balkans and right up to the gates of Vienna where they were stopped and turned back. Here in the 21st century we are still fighting Muslims mainly because these followers of a sun maddened prophet named Mohammed cannot or will not adapt to modern times as most other religions have done. Tolerance is not a word in a Muslims’ vocabulary only when they demand that everyone tolerate them. We the non-Muslim are the un-believers the deniers of the truth and must either be converted to Islam (To Submit) or die.

So on that beautiful sunny fall morning two young men dressed in their Regimental Kilt stood guard over the Tomb of Canada’s Unknown Soldier when a coward opened fire with a Long Gun killing Cpl. Cirillo highjacks a car making his way to the Centre Block of Parliament where he barges through the main door opening fire in the Hall of Honour and in the responding gun fire is killed by the House of Commons Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers. Within hours of this atrocity Canadian Muslims are publicly denouncing the killers and saying that they are not true Muslims. Well if one reads History these killers are true Muslims for their religion is one that openly states that the Infidel, the Un-believer must die. It also offers reward for those who become Martyrs to their faith promising them a place in paradise with fringe benefits.

Now the War on Terrorism has come to our shores and those who lead these savages know not of what they do. It has always been said that Canada and her people are slow to anger but when we do, those who have provoked us have rued the day. In every war that we have fought in since becoming a nation we have caused our enemies to wish they had never faced us in battle. Although we are not a large and powerful nation we are a people spawned of warrior stock and are looked upon by friend and foe alike as top notched fighters. So take my advice all you fanatic followers of Islam, load up your tents on your camels and head back to the desert from whence you came. You are pissing off the wrong people.



  1. David, very intelligently written, not only due to fact you are a Vietnam veteran, but due mainly to your vast historical knowledge and meaningful presentation of it. Your insight to this horrendous event strikes the warm heart strings of each and every Canadian. Last eve I watched the procession along QEW as the hearse carrying our Hamilton Hero inched its way to the funeral home in Hamilton’s east end. My heart and mind sob over this huge sting inflicted upon us!!!

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