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Warmemorial 3


Remembrance Day has passed and everyone has returned to their normal routine daily lives. The turnout in Ottawa was amazing and more poignant because of the recent deaths of two Canadian Soldiers killed by terrorists on home soil. Too many Canadians 11 November is the 2nd most important date on the calendar, and to that end a Private Members bill calling for it to be a statutory holiday across the nation has been given second reading in Parliament and now is in committee. The vote in Parliament on this bill was nearly unanimous with only two MPs voting against it. As of today Remembrance Day is not recognized as statutory holiday in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia whereas the other six provinces do recognize it. This is not the first time this type of bill has been brought forth and in the past failed to pass. This time around it looks like it is going to make it because of recent events in Ottawa and St. Jean-sur-Richelieu Que.

The making of Remembrance Day a Statutory Holiday has raised some concerns amongst some citizens in that by doing so it will just be treated as a day off and nothing more. Another concern is that at present schools hold assemblies on Remembrance Day to teach and remind the students what it is all about. Some fear that this will be lost if it is a statutory holiday in Ontario. Personally I have always said it should be a stat. holiday but I understand the concerns that some might have. If it did turn out be just another day off it would be a shame. It was Canadian soldiers and their victory at Vimy Ridge that brought Canada of age. The Empire and Commonwealth woke up to the fact that we were no longer a colony. Although we are not a warrior nation we have made a very big reputation on the fields of battle whenever we have been called upon to help maintain peace and freedom. The history of Canada and the wars she was involved in should be taught year round in school not just as a work up to or on Remembrance Day. By teaching our military history myths such as the one preached by the Rev. Strachan that the Canadian Militia saved Canada from being conquered by the U.S. in the War of 1812 is just that, a myth. Canada was saved by the British Regulars and their Mohawk and Aboriginal allies with some help from the militia. The whole world knows that as a people we Canadians are a bit on the quiet side as we do not boast about of greatness. Maybe it is time that we did to some extent just like we did in the last Winter Olympic in 2010 in Vancouver. Hey out there be proud that we are Canadian and let the world know it. Like my Dad use to say “It it’s Canadian it has to be Good.”.


One thought on “STATUTORY OR NOT

  1. Well written, my Friend. Had often wondered why it never made “National Holiday Status”…certainly hope the bill is passed this time ’round. With the patriotism shown not only in Ottawa, but other major cities, the populace seems “ready for it “!

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