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It has just come to me that I have been remiss in my writing on the subject of Bashing. Here it is just over a week since the American midterm elections and I have somehow ignored the election of all those Republicans. There is an ancient Greek verse that states “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive insane”. I think this has just been proven true in regards to the population of the United States of America. It is either that or allowing the legalization of Marijuana drove the electorate whacko.
To begin with the American system of government is mind boggling and almost incomprehensible to the normal intelligent being. At times I think of their system as “Demolition Derby”, you know, where a bunch of red necked yahoos drive around backwards and crash into each other. I’m sure to some this seems like fun but it’s a hellova way to run a country. So here we are in the waning months of 2014 our neighbours to the south are acting like Lemmings heading for a cliff. The classic case of the nut bars taking over the asylum. What in the name of Beelzebub’s’ bloated buttocks were these people thinking of. It has to say something about their system when Democrats running for office don’t want to associate and distance themselves from their President. That is one sick system. I think it is safe to say the Elephant (Rep) not only stomped the poor Donkey (Dem.) but had a barbeque of donkey meat served up with a side order of grits. The main problem now is what the rest of the world is thinking. Let’s face it the Yanks are still the most powerful military on the planet and are still sound economically but not as strong as they once were. Hell it scares the you know what out of me now that the U.S. and Canada have conservatives in power. Like I have said before the gods have a weird sense of humour making us neighbours.

There now exists in the U.S. a government who has members that say and believe such nonsense that “Climate change isn’t happening because God is in control” or we have 2nd Amendment (Right to have guns) solution to protect our rights or words to that effect. Both houses of the American government are now under the control of individuals who distrust science deny evolution and want their country to be governed as it was at its’ founding. Instead of the 21st century let us all return to the 18th where the majority of the population were god fearing ignorant backwoods shoot ‘em dead country bumpkins. I would state that the majority of these Republican bumpkins get there information and news from that bastion of enlightenment, Fox News who in some peoples opinion, mine, broadcast the news whether it is correct or not. From what I have noticed I swear at times they make it up on the fly.
Now normally the politics of a country are the business of the people of that country but when one is a world power with enough A-Bombs to incinerate the planet those politics become a worldwide concern. This is not just true of the U.S but also of Russia. My focus is on the U.S. as it is just an hour or so down the highway from where I live. OK so Russia is our northern neighbour but at least there is the Arctic Ocean and a whole bunch hungry Polar Bears between them and us not so with the yanks. If you’re up to it you can swim across the St. Lawrence River or walk across when it freezes. Pretty close Eh!

Anyway back to the topic. The American populous has elected a gang of knuckle draggers (male & Female) into office so we will see what is in store for them in the coming months. Right now I almost, not quite, just almost feel sorry for the clots.


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