Ministry of Truth (1984)



The other day I made the mistake of disagreeing with one of the lady tenants and I was told by her that I was off her list. It seems she has a list of people she will talk too and if you interrupt or disagree with her you are removed. For a brief second I thought I was standing in front of the Pope being excommunicated again. That’s OK as I self-excommunicated about 50 years ago. So here I stand exiled, proscribed and banned from communication with this person who seems to have delusions of aristocracy or at the very least the upper crust. I am putting this to paper before I am sentenced to Room 101.

At my age I have little or no patience with those who would put on airs and believe themselves to be above the common crowd. Everyone who resides in the building is retired and the rents are low and geared to income. It is community housing for all us Old Farts so this individual is in the same boat as the rest of us. There are only two places we can go after hear long term care or the cardboard box to the incinerator. These hoity toi hoi polio just don’t cut it with me. The really ironic thing about all this that it was a trivial disagreement on a historical note. Now I have been told by many people that I am very knowledgeable about history and I pride myself in this. This individual said something that I deemed historically wrong and I told her that I disagreed. Wrong thing to do. I think if she could have called the Palace Guard she would have ordered me beheaded. OUCH. So to this individual I am now persona non grata, a leper to be avoided at all cost. I am doomed to spend my remaining years mumbling to myself locked in my gloom in a one bedroom. O Father Zeus delay not over long in dispatching your Harpies for this Cretans soul and deliver me to my allotted place in Tartarus. Hey that’s a pretty elitist ending. Eh!


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