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I noticed over the past few days whilst reading the Huffington Post on line some of my favourite topics are back in the news just like the proverbial “Bad Penny that always turns up”.
I think I will start with the Congresswoman, whom we all know and love, from Minnesota’s 6th District, none other than Michele Bachmann. This lovely Christian lady wants a very special Christmas present and that is for the U.SA. to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. That is quite a Christmas wish coming from a God fearing Bible thumping Christian woman. This is really a dumb idea even for an individual as whacko as her. This wish comes as she leaves politics to pursue more lucrative ventures by travelling across the U.S. giving speeches and of course writing a book. I would suggest, if she writes a book, to entitle it “How a Total Fruitcake Gets Elected to Congress” Of course this parting wish from Michele is just the latest of a long line of idiotic, moronic statements to spew forth from her mouth. One should really have ones brain in gear when one speaks. Unfortunately the clutch between her brain and her mouth burned out long ago breaking that connection. When she announced that she was no longer going to run for Congress I thought well maybe now the yanks will get it working right. Then I realized that there are 435 Congress and even if I figure on the conservative side there must still be at least another 80 or 90 dingbats still there. If there is a God or Gods or Fates they sure like messing with the Yanks.
Now my other favourite topic. Creationism (FAIRE TALE). The Creationist Museum in Kentucky is back in the news with the announcement that the State Tax break they were enjoying has been revoked. It seems the Museum is breaking the law by screening any and all job applicants on their religion. That is a definite no no. This is a violation of both the state and federal constitution in that The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Why any normal intelligent person would apply to work there is beyond me. Then again I guess it is kind of like Disney Land with religious over tones. The Creation Museum is based partly on the Book of Genesis in the Bible in fact they state that the answers are in Genesis. Now according to this the story of Noah and the great flood is true in that God told Noah to build the ark and gather two of each animal and bird and place them inside because there was going to be a big flood. Now it is supposed to have rained for forty days and forty nights and if Noah had two of every animal and bird on board that is roughly by todays’ standards 32,000 creatures cooped up in a boat. It must have reeked to high heaven what with all those creature going to the toity. Also according to this Creation Museum there were dinosaurs on board the ark as they and man roamed the earth in friendship as the dinosaurs were vegetarians. O.K. old T-Rex was a family pet. If this is true the only thing Rex was thinking about was lunch with mankind at the main course.
A lot of what is on these pages I have said before but as the title implies the subjects just keep popping up and I find myself unable to bite my tongue so I go after them again.


One thought on “BAD PENNIES

  1. No matter what the law or regulations of state, province or country, there are always those who beat the system…enticing voters from a mass of underprivileged peoples, find infractions behind the rules to bend…and/or find those who will ‘push the intended agenda’ to fruition by whatever means works for them!!!

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