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I’m a bit late in posting this as I meant to do it on New Years’ Eve but I just didn’t feel like writing anything.
2014 was an interesting year. Israel killed a bunch of Palestinians, Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of young girls in Nigeria, ISIL popped up in Syria and well they killed just about anybody they could get their hands on and are still doing it all in the name of Allah. The little spoiled brat dictator of North Korea got his nickers in a knot over some Hollywood Comedy Movie about assassinating him. The pro-Russian rebels in the Crimea shot down a Malaysian Air Liner killing everyone on board. Before that another Malaysian Air Liner disappeared over the Ocean off the coast of Australia. In Hong Kong the pro-democracy protest were finally put down. Closer to home our American cousins’ police officers shot and killed 5 or 6 unarmed young Black Men. One was just 12 years old. Yep! Barbarism is alive and well in West Africa and the near and middle east. Racism is showing its’ ugly face again in part of the U.S, On a final down note Ebola erupted in west Africa with over 7,000 deaths. On a Historical note July of 2014 was the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the first industrial war and one that should never have happened ending in 1918 with a total of over 37 million casualties. It also lay the foundation for the 2nd World War.
I am sitting here wracking my brain to remember something good of noteworthiness that happened in the previous year and I really can’t think of anything. The climate is shot to hell, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Canada has gotten involved trying to stop ISIL, the Yanks still believe they are the worlds’ policemen, and our own P.M. is still a jackass’s butt end. Ontario had an election and much to everyone’s’ surprise the Liberals were re-elected with a majority. On a personal note my grandsons’ adoption was finalized, my cat died, and I turned 72. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend bought a condo in Toronto and I finally got to meet him last October. Around that same time my oldest daughter told me she had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, for which there is no cure. So it would seem all in all 2014 was a lousy year for some and somewhere in all that strife and sorrow there must be some rays of light that I have missed.
It is almost as though the world is going through an upheaval which it has done many many times in the past. The 20th century was a century of war which has in some way or another overflowed into the 21st. The planet is witnessing climactic changes, terrorism has always been with us but it also seems to be on the rise. Religious intolerance seems to be the driving force but within Islam and against Islam from some quarters of the Christian populace. A new “Thirty Year War” or “The Crusades” in the offing? What will 2015 bring, peace or war only the Fates can tell.


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