Condemned bldg


Tis the beginning of a new year and 18 months since I moved in. I must say it has been very interesting to say the least.
It took me the better part of a year to adjust to living in a seniors building but it grew on me. Yep, just like a few of the fungi I picked up in south East Asia. Just kidding……. I guess it is safe to say this is home for the duration or I win a 50 million dollar lottery. Yeah in my dreams Eh! Of course I can’t win if I don’t buy tickets, right.
I have made some good friends here and of course there are those who upon meeting me think I’m a smartass know it all. I don’t think I am but then that’s my opinion. I know I’m intelligent. Perhaps I do show off now and then and if that is the case it isn’t done to put others down. I read a lot and I remember what I read. I have travelled some and done a few things that maybe others haven’t. As anyone who knows me will tell you I eat, drink, live, and breathe History because I firmly believe that if we forget our past we are doomed to repeat its’ mistakes. If knowing a lot about History makes me a smartass then so be it.
I gave this article the title you see because it was inevitable that someday I would have to move into a seniors building. Like most here I live off my government pensions. Guess I was sort of like the grasshopper in the fable “The Ant & the Grasshopper” not really caring about making provisions for a long winter. Winter in this case being retirement. I don’t really like retirement but I can’t do much about that, so again accepting an inevitability. In point of fact there are a lot of things one has to accept when one reaches the so called “Golden Years” and some of them are enough to “Pee of the Pope” like the daily discovery of new aches and pains or finding that some things don’t work like they used to. Like getting up 3 and 4 times a night because the water works are messed up. Newton in his laws of motion stated “a body at rest tends to stay at rest” and this is an apt description of old age. Hell that’s all a body over 70 wants to do is stay at rest. The best part of inertia is inert. Another thing about being a senior in Canada is the winter. After a certain age winters really sucks. It’s cold and that white stuff (snow) is no longer something to enjoy but a bane on humanity. Snow is the only thing in the universe that can defy the laws of gravity. Snow can actually flow up your pant leg stopping only when it meets bare skin.
I do believe that it is in the Charter of Rights that it is a senior right to bitch and complain. If not it should be a right. Bitchin’ makes life tolerable for seniors. That and gossip. I swear that there are some that if they couldn’t gossip they would explode. It seems it is the only form of entertainment that they have. Get three such people together and they will tear everyone they know to shreds verbally. If one of the 3 should happen to leave then they become “grist for the mill”. What they fail to realize is that there are others tearing them to shreds somewhere else. Any in any close knit society gossip is inevitable so it is just best to ignore it. Well here we are. It is the 2nd week of January 2015 and it is freakin’ cold outside but then that also is inevitable for winter in Canada.



  1. A great synopsis of the past…the present…and your prospect for the future of your life at 4100. You tell it as ‘it is’…unfearing of stepping on toes! No place on this planet is a Garden of Eden…unless unpopulated by humans…then one would be lonely, seeking then life with the birds and the bees, the ‘birds of paradise’ and the alligators. So David, live through this season…until Mr Groundhog predicts the arrival of Spring!

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