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There are 109 apartments in this building which equates to 109 plus tenants. I believe it is safe to say that the majority of us are on meds for one reason or another. It is also safe to say that seniors are a major source of income for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Just about every time a senior goes to the doctor he or she comes away with a prescription for another pill.
There are pills to put you to sleep, wake you up, calm you down or energize you. Pills for high blood pressure, low blood pressure, water pills, anti-chlorestrol, blood thinners, and heart regulation. There are pain killers, muscle relaxants, pills to make you urinate, or defecate, pills to stop you urinating or defecating. For men there are pills to shrink an enlarge prostate or to enhance sexual performance. For women there are hormone pills. You name it there is a pill for it and if not, some mad scientist will invent one. Every day there is news of some new pill or vaccine.
A great many G.Ps. (general practitioners) are merely pill pushers. Their bibles is the Pharmacopia that sits in a prominent place on their desk. If they ever lost it they wouldn’t know what to do. Even in the future they will have pills. In Star Trek the Journey Home Dr. McCoy gives an elderly lady on dialysis a pill and she grows a new kidney. Now that’s a pill. The for “The Fountain of Youth” goes on only now instead of traipsing through the jungle it’s the laboratory that is the new search area.
Personally I take 6 pills a day mostly for the bum heart I have and I thought that was a lot. I know of one elderly lady that takes 23 pills a day and there are other who take a lot more than that. If these individuals were to cross over in the near future the profits of the drug companies would take a dip. These pills that we take are all chemicals and some like Warfarin {rat poison} used to thin blood are dangerous if taken in high dosages. Actually any blood thinner is dangerous if to much is taken. OK they thin the blood so the ‘heart doesn’t have to wark hard but they also decrease the amouint of oxygen that blood can carry. Even common aspirin is dangerous as it also thins the blood. Acetaminophen, if to much is taken can damage the Liver and Kidneys. So what we have is something that is meant to cure can kill and this is very dangerous if you are elderly and somewhat forgetful. So here we are in the twilight of our years and instead of being copies of Steven Austin “The Six Million Dollar Man” we are the cheaper chemical version. From the Snake Oil saklesman of the 19th century we have progressed to the modern day Pharmacuetical giants bombarding us with T.V. commercials about this pill. Lotion, or vaccine. Take enough of these wonder drugs and when Death comes acalling they won’t have to embalm you as you already are. We have somehow gone from the Pepsi Generation to the Pepto Bismal Generation.
Medications are expensive but thankfully under our social umbrella there are programs to help meet the expense of staying alive. Sometimes this seems strange to me with one branch of government helping to keep you alive and another secretly wishing that when you reach the age of 65 you just croke so they can save on pensions. There some amougst us that are fortunate and the stongest med they might take is an aspirin for a headache. These fortunate few are the envy of the rest of us. Well anyway I think the next time go see my Doctor I’ll ask him for a prescription for Viagra or Cialis. Who knows I might get lucky. Yeah in my dreams


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