Or the search for the Pill of Youth.

This is the first of a few installments and it has little or nothing to do with the title, just some background into the lives of the inmates of one of the many senior looney bins in the Province.
It has been suggested to me by a few friends and acquaintances that I write more about the building, the people, and the antics, where I live. No names or initials will be used so as not to embarrass some of the folks. Some of what will be written occurred before I took up residence but most will be since that fateful day in July 2013 I became an inmate. It seems that we can thank the Baron Otto von Bismarck of Prussia for the arbitrary age of 65 for retirement. The good (?) Baron needed a date to retire his soldiers at so he picked 65 and now we are stuck with it.

For the few retirement is truly “The Golden Years” but alas for the great many retirement is as struggle juggling the government pensions we must subsist on. I like a great many of my contemporaries didn’t think much about saving for retirement. Luckily what little planning I did do along with my Government pensions sort of puts me in a better bracket that most that I know. There are some in our establishment that amaze me on how they can get along on so little. There are some I know who say I’m rich. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I wrote a blog back in September of last year entitled “The Way Station” and as sad or odd as that might sound it is just that. A station along the road to our final abode. Just because it is a stop doesn’t mean that we roll over and accept what fate has in store. Hell if you’re mobile and somewhat healthy there is still a lot of fun and adventure left to explore. I am 72 and I ride a two wheel E-Bike (Electric Bike) that resembles a Vespa Scooter and does about 40 kph. It’s a blast. I do not own a car so I don’t have that expense for fuel, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. I just plug her into to any 120 volt socket and 4 hours later it’s all charged up and off I go. By the way the range on it is about 140 k one way or 70 out & 70 home. Enough on me and my scooter.
An outside observer would be confounded with some of the things that are said around here. Most, thankfully, are said in jest and fun but every now and then some tenants says some of the stupidest things and try to convince others that it is fact. We have a De-fibrilator hang on the wall in the lobby and according to one tenant that if you go up under someone’s shirt or blouse to use it you can be charged with assault. Where the person came up with that one is anyone’s guess. Speaking of the de-fib, naturally someone had to attach a rather humourous (sexual) connotation to it which I shan’t go into as I was part of the scenario that was suggested. Most of my fellow inmates are good people but there are a few who seem to think that life is rotten. Hey! We have all had dirty hands dealt to us at some point in life so why dwell on it. Suck it up and get over it. In my life I have met some angry people but there is one here that definitely takes the gold medal. How someone can spend every waking minute of every day pissed off at life is beyond me. To compound this there are some who make excuses for this individual. Why I haven’t a clue. Anyway I hope in the coming days I will be able to write some fun pieces. By the way I took the title from an old TV commercial by Du Pont in the fifties “BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY”.



  1. The ‘meds’ are really our daily dose of ‘whatever it takes to get through life’…be it pills, people or worthwhile activities. There are changes in our lives, usually every 5 years…therefore, accordingly, we need to ADJUST to these changes…restyling our thinking and activities. Best way to ENJOY LIFE…as you have, David!

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