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It has been suggested to me by a few friends that I change the title 4100 to something else. Which by the way I was contemplating. The problem is coming up with something catchy that pertains to the subject of the 4100 blogs. In and of itself 4100 is pretty generic as it could be 4100 Park Ave. or Champs Elysees, or even London’s Chelsea Crescent for all the reader knows. There have been some suggestions such as Constipation Abbey, Street Car Named Ducolax, Pass the Imodium, and a few others which are a bit to risqué. I am opened to suggestion but let’s keep them reasonable.
As stated many times there are 109 apartments in this building which equates to 109+ tenants which means a rather fertile field for topics. Everyone who reside here or in any Government Seniors’ establishment has stories to tell mostly about the ineptitude of the bureaucrats that oversee these establishment. In the vast majority of places these building are pretty fair but a warehouse is a warehouse is a warehouse. One of the biggest problems we at 4100 seem to run into is in the realm of maintenance. We either can’t get something because it is not in the budget or we wait an interminable amount of time. Maybe they are waiting for people to either forget or croak.
Ah, the “BUDGET” the perineal “Catch 22”, the bureaucrats refuge from the storm. “Sorry it isn’t in the budget” must be a phrase that they are ingrained with possibly at birth but that is not an absolute as some come late to their calling. This blog when the necessity arises will be concerned itself with the effect that bureaucracies and the system has on the senior citizens of the Municipal Region in which I reside. The bureaucracy that will be the main target of my writings in this case will be that which governs senior residences. The main area of my writing will be about the everyday comings and goings (shenanigans) of the residences of one particular warehouse “4100”. From the comments made by some tenants there are a few very interesting stories from the past as well as now. There is one from the past that talks to running around outside in ones birthday suit. That I have to find out about.
So in closing unless someone can provide me with a real catchy name I shall stay with “4100” which for the curious is located in, nope ain’t gonna tell yah.


5 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME ?

  1. “4100” is a good title…creates interest, mystery, history and a ripe field for psychologists! Every person has a history…if one will but listen to those seeking
    attention. As God created us…we have one mouth and two ears…so it behooves us to ‘listen’ more than we ‘blab on and on’! One learns much from ‘observation’!

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