Condemned bldg



It’s the middle of the week and the Warehouse is as quiet as a Mausoleum with all the doors sealed shut. It is like there is an epidemic of boredom insidiously infiltrating the confines. It is either that or I am suffering an early acute bout of Cabin Fever. Usually that doesn’t happen until mid-February but methinks I have it now. It is at the present to damn cold for my old bones to go outside although I will soon have to as I have to go to the bank and grocery shopping.
When one is getting old and doesn’t have transportation for the winter months it is a real pain. I know there is always the Busses but when you stand outside even for 5 minutes in this weather waiting you end up just a few ice crystals shy of becoming a Human Popsicle. Even the walk down the street to the Grocery Store causes me problems. I’m OK going down there but the walk home is a killer as I usually have to stop 3 or 4 times to catch my breath. All those years of smoking are catching up on me. The difficulty breathing seems far worse in the cold weather. Now, come the spring when I have my Baby (Scooter) home it is an entirely different story. I have transportation and I am free. “OH! COME THE SPRING”. If I thought it would help I’d offer sacrifices to the Weather Gods but virgins are few and far between nowadays and I have almost forgotten what you do with them. Oh well I’ll just have to bide my time and suffer in silence.

I think that one of the reasons I have trouble writing my blog in the winter is boredom. I just can’t come up with ideas readily. In the warmer months when I am out and about the ideas seem to flow quickly but come winter it is almost as if my brain goes into a state of semi-hibernation. There is also the fact that more goes on around here in the warmer weather. In the winter everything and everyone slow down and who can blame them. The skies turn leaden and my brain follows suit. I seriously doubt that Steinbeck, Orwell, or Sommerset-Maugham, not that I am comparing myself to these great authors, had periods of boredom that stymied them. All writers have “writer block” at some point but that I think is different from boredom. In my case I will start writing on a subject and after a few paragraphs get bored and tear it up. The idea is there I just can’t seem to get into it try as I may. Sometimes while sitting in the Lobby I will hear a good topic and think, Hey I can use that, only to find that when I sit down to write it doesn’t seem as good or as funny as it sounded an hour or so ago. Between the 4th and the 13th of this month I wrote seven blogs and that could be the problem, rushing to get ideas out before they vanish like will-o-the wisps never to be seen again. After a writing binge like that I get disappointed when the ideas dry up and naturally that leads to my boredom. It is either flood or drought. Somehow I have to figure out how to stay in the middle ground and stop these ups and downs.

As I prepare to ends this rambling I am self-debating whether to take another hiatus for a while or just bungle through. I have to give this more thought.


3 thoughts on “GETTING ANTSY

  1. Methinks you need a hobby…consider woodworking? drafting or sketching???
    Cartoons would be ‘right up your alley’! Maybe we could play “Hop Scotch” in the front entry…that would gain you some attention!: *&#*(&%#@#

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