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It is Saturday the 24th and only 4 more days until pay day. The fact that we were paid on the 19th of December rather that the usually 27th or 28th has made this a long stretch between pay. I understand why the government does this as with Xmas coming up they pay early because of the holidays and people needing the money for presents and such. Irregardless of their good intentions it is still a long stretch.

Fortunately we live in subsidized accommodations where our rent is geared to our income, even so from what I have heard some of the tenants are still barely getting by. The unofficial poverty line in Canada is roughly $22,000/yr., and I know of cases where the individual is living on $15,000/yr. Some of us are a bit better off than others because we not only get government pensions but we get a small stipend from other sources. This puts us either at or just above the poverty line. I read somewhere that Canada has the highest poverty line of all the industrialized nations. Doesn’t say much for the country we’ve helped make the envy of a lot of the world.

It has been reported a number of times on the news that the price of food is going to increase by at least 5% in 2015. The prices are already high so how are those on pensions supposed to get by. It seems strange that the price of fuel is dropping therefore the cost of transportation should also drop lowering the price of food stuff. Something doesn’t compute as they say. Of course as long as these giant Agribusinesses make obscene profits what do they care if low income people go hungry?

When I was younger (much younger) I never gave retirement a thought so I didn’t really plan for it. Luckily the company I worked for had a pension plan and I contributed to it. When I left I had less than $10,000 but luckily for me my ex was working for an investment firm and talked me into buying mutuals. Okay, I didn’t make a killing but I’m glad I did it as it helps supplement my pensions. Providing nothing catastrophic occurs I should be alright for quite some time. I know a lot of people who are struggling and that isn’t right if you are a senior. We seniors helped build this country and when I for one see refugees from Asia or Europe come here and get better welfare than we senior citizens do it really irks me (I’m trying to be polite).

I am not advocating that Canada stop taking in refugees just that they shouldn’t be entitled to more than what the average senior gets. Something isn’t right. While on the subject of entitlements what about politicians. A Member of Parliament only has to serve 6 years to become entitled to a pension of $60,000 a year. Most of us worked 50 year or more for about a third of that, if we’re lucky. I wonder if it is too late to become a politician????



3 thoughts on “GETTING BY

  1. Agree whole-heartedly…immigrants should not be receiving more income than most seniors receive!!!!! Yes…food prices go up…everything goes up, up, up…except for gasoline for a few weeks….BUT how many seniors today are still driving??? Taxi and bus fares are the same…etc.
    Yes…starting a new career as a politician is the best move for us!

  2. Meg says:

    I’ll say it again, send this as a letter to the editor of every news paper you can think of.
    This is wordier just perfectly, please send it in.

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