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RAMBLINGS. 2015/01/27.

I was going to write a piece on the local cable provider and the experience I had with a rather rude young lady on the phone. After sleeping on the matter I have decided that what occurred isn’t really worth the time to write about. Suffice it to say, hopefully the Cable Company doesn’t have an abundance of this type Customer Service Personnel.

The snow has returned and looks like it will be with us for awhile. I must say this though we are not getting deluged by it like our cousins to the south. The U.S northeast is being clobbered by a blizzard. The only thing good about this is that it is them and not us being buried under all the white stuff. I know that this is not the charitable thing to say but then I really have very little if any love for the U.S. In fact there are times I wish they would just go away. I do not wish them any harm, just disappear. Does this make me a Yankophobe? Before I leave the subject of snow and cold I read this morning that the temperature in Iqaluit was -62C that works out to 79.6 below “0” F. That is a mite chilly, EH!

As per usual things around here are pretty quiet. Guess it is because of it being winter. We all seem to be in a standby mode awaiting the arrival of spring which leads to summer and we then can complain about it being too hot and humid. Seems we are never satisfied. I personally like spring and fall. The other two seasons can be eliminated from the calendar as far as I’m concerned. Too bad we can’t hibernate like bears, sleeping and living of our stored up fat. Of course this is not recommended for those of us who are weight conscious.

Parliament is back in session after their winter hiatus. Must be nice get paid about $100,000.00/yr for only showing up for 6 or 7 months. Of course this is the year of the Federal Election coming up in October. I intend to start offering sacrifices to whatever Gods Fate, or Nymphs, that watch over elections, to help give Stevie his walking papers. Enough of the Conservatives (Reform in disguise). I still maintain that I should be appointed, anointed, King. Hell I don’t think I could screw the country up any worse that what the Cons have. Who knows I might be just the thing the country needs. King Whatshisface the First. Well enough.
I have named this “Ramblings” and there will be more to come down the road. Nothing specific just letting my mind and fingers do the wandering.


2 thoughts on “RAMBLINGS

  1. I could ramble on about my love for ALL Four Seasons…at one time very fond of winter…especially the “ski every weekend’ activity,regardless of weather…a most exhilarating sport…the best. if able. to get away for a full week.Spring is ‘time of new growth’ so consider that I should also look at new ventures. Summer…well ’tis the season for flowers bursting, birds breeding and visits to the parks and country roads. Jack Frost paints our woodlands beautifully in the autumn months…so I anticipate another year of seasonal interest. Let’s hope Groundhog Day issues good proclamation!

  2. Meg says:

    I would keep three of the seasons, but I agree Winter is really not much fun any more. This could be because as we get older our bodies don’t let us have as much fun in the snow as we used to have.
    Keep rambling my friend.

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