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What I am about to write are some observations and personal opinions which in some instances I am also guilty of. Let me first state that doctors are not Gods although some act like they are or at the very least infallible. Doctors are highly trained and skilled mechanics for the human body. This last is especially true of surgeons. I think it is safe to say that doctors are separated into two generalized divisions the G.P. (General Practitioner) and the Surgeon. Those who diagnose and treat minor ailments such as your Family Doctor and those who do the repair work on major ailments or injuries, the Surgeons. Usually things are pretty bad when one ends up under the surgeons’ care (under the knife). Enough of the doctors this is about people and their reaction and opinions of those in the medical professions. In other words those of us who bitch and complain about these professionals. As I said I am guilty to some extent of those selfsame things of which I am writing.
It is pretty well a fait-accompli that as we get older the old body just doesn’t function as it once did so we end up going to the doctor more often. From observation it has been my experience that some people go to the doctor for every little ache or pain real or imagined. Some, it is safe to say are either borderline hypochondriacs or full blown. Some are just plain scared to go to the doctor for fear that the doctor will find something seriously wrong. Then there are those who go to the doc and ignore what he says. Others just bitch and complain that their doctors is a mule’s rear end because he doesn’t coddle them or tell them what they want hear. There are those who wear you down with their constant wearisome complaining, bitching, and whining. These people are the ones that you want to tell to shut up because you are sick and tired of hearing the same complaints over and over. There are others I have met that think life has dealt them a rotten deal. Well guess what people life does not play cards. There are things that you as an individual have control over and there are things that cannot be controlled nor were they meant to be. Life in and of itself is neither good nor evil nor is it indifferent it is just Life. What makes life good, evil, or indifferent is entirely up to the individual.

At one time or another I think we have all felt that life is weighing us down. Something that we wanted or needed has eluded us and you get into a funk about it. This is normal what is not normal is getting into a funk and choosing to stay there. Who amongst us hasn’t had life creep up behind and bite you in the rear? The important thing is to not let it grab hold and pull you down. Nothing in life is guaranteed nor is everyone perfect. The trick is to learn to accept that and roll with the punches. It is said that misery loves company and that is possibly why miserable people are always bitchin’ and complainin’. I know that I for one are not perfect and there are times that things seem to pile up and I give into the self-pity mode. Thankfully in my case I have learned to sluff it off pretty quickly. Life is a hell of a lot better if one can smile instead of frown.

I fully realize that ones’ physical and mental condition plays a big part in how you get through day to day living but don’t bitch about it or complain that your doctor isn’t doing anything for you, do something yourself. If you feel that your doctor isn’t providing you with proper treatment let him know. If that doesn’t change the situation then look for another doctor or in the extreme cases contact the Medical Board and register a complaint. Maybe though it isn’t the doctor it’s you. If you choose to ignore what your physician is telling you there isn’t really any point in going to him or her is there. One thing for sure though, is constantly griping about it to people as it will end up turning away and tuning you out.


2 thoughts on “SENIORS AND THE DOC.

  1. My doctors have all been great and trustworthy…guess I’m lucky! For some persons who are basically “negative thinking”, they always want to blame others
    for their health (and social) deficiencies!!! To ‘change their attitude’ is not even a consideration!!!

  2. Meg says:

    I think that so people “bitch” because they are afraid. Dr’s can be scary people sometimes especially if you have had one for years and years and liked him/her
    a great deal, a new one can intimidate.

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