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4100 2015/02/04

HARPY SPEECH. (Harpy defined as a nagging unpleasant woman)

There are a few who dwell here that seem to enjoy commenting negatively about their fellow residents. One or two seem to think that it is acceptable to say whatever they want wherever they want. They definitely do not adhere to the adage “If you can’t say anything nice about a person then say nothing” no they seem to relish denigrating people.

As you know it is my policy to not name or identify anyone other than newsmakers in my writings but there are a few who read my blogs that will be able to possibly identify of whom I am railing against. I have not always been a saint (ha ha) in this area for I to have run people down in the past. I finally realized that it was just a waste of energy being negative about some things and people. As I slowly age I am glad to say that I am mellowing and try desperately to keep a positive demeanor around others. I am not always successful as like everyone else I have my bad days but now when one of those days crop up I try to stay clear of people. There’s no sense sitting with others with a look like someone had peed in my corn flakes.

I have been told by more than one person that in a residence like this gossip and running people down is to be expected. Sorry, I disagree with that notion. Our time in this mortal guise is finite and I for one will not spend it running others into the ground. I would rather be known as the clown not the grouch. I have not always been easy going in fact I know there have been times when I have been a right bastard. Thankfully with the aging process that person no longer exists. I find it more and more difficult to understand someone who walks around bitching about their lot in life and complaining that others have had it better. Maybe all this negativity about life in general and people in particular is jealousy.
A few of my friends and myself can be found most afternoons sitting in the lobby talking and laughing. I am usually the cause of the laughter for I have discovered I have a small talent in making comical comments on certain subjects. There are others there listening and I can guarantee that once we have left they are getting out the knives slicing us to pieces for their own misplaced gratification. I know that I and a good friend are the subject of their speculations as to whether we are having an affair. Sorry folks ain’t in the cards we are friends but there is no harm in a few sexual comments or jokes. Even if there was some hanky panky it is nobody’s’ damn business. Just the fact that I am friendly with some of the ladies more than likely is ammunition enough for their viperous tongues.

Nope I figure if I’m lucky I got about another 20 years (yeah dream on) and if so I fully intend to enjoy as many of them as I can. In the past I screwed up some aspects of my life and I am not going to do so again nor feel guilty for past sins.


2 thoughts on “HARPY SPEECH

  1. ‘Tis said, “Confession is good for the soul. ‘Tis also true that we learn from our mistakes in life…be it actions, words or body language. Developing a ‘positive attitude’ is definitely a step in the right direction. Good for you, David!

  2. Linda Marshman says:

    Well said, I too have found that there is a lot of gossip in my senior residence. It is so unnecessary and unproductive and even malicious. it is time to let go of negative thinking and celebrate the rest of our lives.

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