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4100 2015/02/13


It is 1300 hours on Friday 13 February and another balmy day outside 4100 with the temperature at -11c with a wind chill of -18c with snow forecast for this afternoon and evening. To-morrow according to the forecast is going to be downright spring weather with the mercury rising to -6c with a wind chill of -14c. Hell the ladies will be breaking out their bikinis to lounge around outside sipping Pina coladas. Of course to-morrows forecast is too good to be true as on Sunday 15 Feb. the temperature will be -18c with the wind chill at a comfortable -29c. I wonder if it is still warmer on Mars that it is here.
For some misbegotten reason this winter is conjuring up nightmare images of another ice age. Of course the climate change deniers are pointing to this winter and saying see the world isn’t getting warmer it’s getting colder. Idiots. Anyway I just returned from taking a break, my afternoon pilgrimage to the Lobby to catch up on the latest whatever. Of course the main topic today is the cold. Everyone who comes in the front door has to comment on how bitter cold it is. Yeah! It’s winter and February is the coldest month. Let’s face it when you see the Polar Bears lined up outside Goodwill waiting to buy coats you know it has got to be a might on the chilly side.
I intended to finish and publish this yesterday but got busy with other things. So it is now 2015/02/14 St. Valentine Day (another rip off from the gift card industry) and the weather report is pretty much as forecast earlier. This winter seems interminably long or is it just that I along with all the other inmates in the Warehouse are getting older. In the overall picture this winter, here in our area, hasn’t been that bad. We have definitely had worse like last winter and this winter certain areas of the eastern U.S. are getting hammered. Well better them than us. Well let’s try to look on the bright side as it is only 34 days until the first day of spring. Whoopee! According to Environment Canada we are in for a cooler spring than usual. Why not? The more doom and gloom the better.
My boredom must be coming acute as I am finding it difficult to write on any subject nowadays. I start writing then within minutes discard it. There are a lot of things to write about around here but I refuse to be a purveyor of gossip and believe me at times it flies around here. I know for a fact that in certain quarters I am one of the major topics. All I can say is that if talking about me makes you feel better and livens your day, go for it.

It is now 11:40 a.m. on this overcast Saturday morning. It should start to snow soon, just flurries but if you get enough flurries often enough you end up with a lot of snow. It’s like a dripping bath tub faucet which doesn’t take that long to fill a tub when the plug is in the drain. I have just been thinking (yeah it hurts) how nice it would be to be able to hibernate. Go to sleep in November and wake up in April. Damn bears are lucky. I’m starting to get like a friend I know grouchy and negative about everything. Got to snap out of it or I’ll end up a miserable old bugger without friends. AH! come the SPRING……….



  1. Think Warm! MIght be a solution…tie on a colourful scarf…don those furry mitts…and wear a bear-skin hat with ear flaps…and remember the ‘long-johns’.
    LIfe is much brighter on the sunny side…so hibernation may be the next human
    experience for many! See you in the spring…David!

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