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4100 2015/02/17.
There is amongst us a certain individual who to be quite honest is getting on my nerves with the constant whining and complaining about everything and everyone.
This person of whom I am writing finds fault in every aspect of existence from sun up to sunset. Amongst the targets of discontent are, living quarters, management, hospitals, Doctors, the weather, the car, and other sundry objects, events or individuals. Lately it is rare if something complimentary issues forth form this persons’ mouth. The negativity is to put it mildly wearisome at its least and downright annoying as hell at its worst. So far I have managed to keep my verbal comments courteous to some extent but I fear the time will come when I can no longer contain my annoyance and fire a broadside at this person.
We all have complaints and problems and we all whine a bit at times but when one makes a habit of it constantly there is a problem. These people who complain that life has given them a rotten deal are depressing if not clinically depressed. Life is life and it is totally ambivalent to the individual. These individuals with a chip on their shoulder should start looking at themselves for the root of their troubles and stop looking to place the blame on everyone or thing about them. Whining is contagious and it is quite easily spread. If one listens to a whiner long enough one begins to believe that the world around them is to blame for every little thing that occurs that is not to that persons liking.
There are those who have let life grind them under so far they are unredeemable and they will whine all the way to where ever the fates decide to put them in the hereafter.
One will notice by the date that I started this on the 17 and here it is 11 days later and I am finishing it. For those ii days I was sick with either the Flu or a really nasty cold. Still not feeling completely myself but I am feeling a hell of a lot better than what I was. So enough of my excuse for the delay and hopefully it will not occur again. Well on this final day of February as I close I think I will whinw about how bloody cold it is and has been, “I HATE WINTER”.


One thought on “WHINERS.

  1. For most people, it’s so much easier to WHINE than to dwell on the POSITIVE sides of Life. Whining, they possibly believe, will “remedy the situation” and improve their negative attitude IF others will agree with them. To these persons, whining = satisfaction…like spinning your tires in mud or snow and making no forward progress! For me, I can always find a SUNNY SIDE!

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