Condemned bldg




It is now close to the middle of March and my Cabin Fever is getting to the point that if something isn’t done to relieve it and my boredom I think my head will explode. The weather is finally starting to warm up and with a few exceptions has been mostly sunny and I am looking forward to getting my E-Scooter out of storage. After five long months I will have transportation again and with that freedom.
Discontent aptly applies to how I am feeling of late. Nothing I do or attempt gives me much satisfaction. Even writing has been a struggle as for the last dozen postings I have discarded at least that many, perhaps more. Even the almost daily gatherings in the lobby to chat with friends is becoming a chore. Perhaps I am growing weary of the inane topics and the longing for a good rip roaring discussion on some intellectual topic. I know, that this is where the reader will think I am being an intellectual snob. Perhaps, (though I hope not) this is so as I seem to be more knowledgeable than most people I talk to here in the warehouse. I love to read, and agreed I narrow my reading to certain areas in order to obtain more knowledge on subjects of my liking. I have also done a bit more travelling than most people I know and my careers (not necessarily in order) have run from construction labourer, Concrete Foreman, Bus and Streetcar Driver to electrician, to the military and the last as a Property manager/Superintendent running an apartment building. I have been a Jack of all Trades and Master of one, Electrician.
Perhaps my discontent also stems from the fact that I hated having to retire but the old pump was giving me trouble so I bit the bullet gave up my job and moved into a Seniors Apartment Building. This has definitely been a Winter of Discontent made miserable by the coldest February in 140 years. Sorry Will for paraphrasing Dick III. Perhaps it will be made glorious by March’s warmth. Just six more days until the first day of spring and so far March has entered like a Lamb let’s hope it does not exit as a Lion.

Well I guess I am just your average senior complaining about the long cold winter and come the summer I’ll complain about the heat and humidity. No pleasing some of us Eh!



  1. Discontent is there to ‘grab you’…like the eagle after the fish. Or one can discard it to replace with a rainbow in the sky…the latter is my philosophy! Unfortunately, many don’t even give themselves the opportunity to see ‘the better side of life’…which is there for the looking and taking. I do agree…we shall all be thrilled when Spring will ‘spring our spirits and sentiments’.

  2. Meg says:

    You are bored because I can’t get downstairs to challenge you. LOL !!!!!!
    And I agree with your last paragraph.
    Love ya

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