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TEMPTRESS. 2015/20/15
Jezebel, Bathsheba, Delilah, Salome, the names of the more notorious temptresses.

Within the cloistered halls of the Warehouse there resides a temptress who is in a class unlike the ones mentioned above. If a temptress can be nice, friendly, funny, and a bit naïve, then she would fall into those categories.

This Feme’ Fatale is a few years younger than me and I have only known her for less than 2 years and right off I have to admit I kinda like her. She can be somewhat manipulative but in such a way that you don’t mind it or take offense. She has a good sense of humour but sometimes tends to wear her heart on her sleeve especially when someone who is close to her gets her to worrying. In her naiveté (slight) she can be easily teased and kidded but then that is part of her charm. Methinks that in her younger days she was quite the hot babe. Kinda wish I had known her back in those times methinks if we had connected we would have had a blast. In our conversations I discovered that she lived in or knew the places I grew up in New Toronto, Long Branch, Lakeview, and Port Credit. It wouldn’t surprise me that at some point I might have seen her. What with just 2 years between us we grew up in the same era, the 50s and 60s. We like the same old classical Rock and of course like all other young girls of that time adored Elvis or Ricky Nelson. When I mentioned that I had a sail boat long ago she said she would have like to gone sailing. Of course we do have our differences one of which is choice of movies. She likes movies with a good love story in them where I like the blood and guts action ones. Our taste in music other than classic rock differs as I like classical and she likes country. Well as the saying goes if everyone had the same likes or dislikes the world would be a pretty boring place. Last week I sort of upset this person with a Blog I posted entitled “winter of Discontent” I apologized and she accepted it. Lesson learned. Those who follow my writings and live in the Warehouse will probably figure out who I writing about so at this point I wish to categorically state that the Temptress and I are merely friends. In other words “there ain’t no monkey business going on”. It would be nice but it is not in the cards. Let’s just say on my part having been bitten a few times I am more than twice shy. At this point in my life I seek companionship and someone to laugh with. So the Temptress along with some other interesting ladies fills the bill.

Well here we are at the end of another week in Seniors Ville and also the official start of spring and all is pretty fair around here. Of course as the weather warms and the sun shows itself more the Temptress will sit outside basking in its’ warm and just generally enjoying the good weather. The days of the Temptress lounging around sunbathing in a bikini are long past darn it. Hey I ain’t dead you know and I still have the eye for attractive women. Well I will close now with this “ma’s rud e’ amhaid.”

(“If Only”)


One thought on “TEMPTRESS

  1. Well written David…we all need someone to brighten our life every day. As in making a good stew, or pie or cake…many ingredients are needed…and it’s the mix of these that creates the quality of the outcome. “Enjoy LIfe…it has an Expiry Date!”

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