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This day at 12:00 noon I am going to get my E-Bike out of storage and bring her home. It has been a long winter and I am looking forward to getting mobile again. Even though I have been wishing for this day I seem to have this feeling of apprehension about going to get my Baby as I call her. The feeling was worse last night and I had a rough time sleeping. Might just be excitement not apprehension that I am feeling. Then again. I really don’t get excited about much lately. Must be jaded or something.

As you can see by the date it is April 4 and we are going to have double digit temps for to-day and to-morrow then back down to the singles until the middle of the month. It is also the start of the Easter Celebrations and Jewish Passover so it is a Holy time for those who believe. For Christians it is the time that the son of their God died and then rose from the dead. For the Jews it is the time the Angle of Death passed over their homes when it was sent to kill the first born sons of their Egyptian masters.

Less than an hour until I leave to get my baby. The ride of this season will be the 7km run home. Usually takes about 18 min. without stop overs. This ride will take a bit longer as I have to stop and pick up a tarp to cover it in the rain. The cover I had got torn to shreds last year. Also got to stop and see if I can get a new card for my cell phone. Now that I will be mobile again with my own transportation I will be out and about a lot so it is best to have the cell with me just in case. Hope I can get one at Fortinos as it is part of the P.C. chain (Loblaw’s).

With the advent of warmer weather the sun worshippers will soon be out getting tanned or just sitting there soaking up all that warmth. After the winter we just had it will be appreciated greatly. My Temptress friend is really looking forward to the warm sunny days as she likes to sit outside and just soak up those rays. Judging by her legs and feet she tans up pretty good. Me I get what is called a Farmers Tan. Face, neck, and arms. I carry to much blubber to go shirtless. Really should try and lose it but then I like to eat. No will power I guess. Well time to go. I will continue this when I get back.

I’m back. Left the old building around 1:30 made a stop at Dollar Rama to get a new tarp to keep Baby dry and made it home by 1:50. It was a good ride and I made it just before the rain started. I’M MOBILE. Had lunch with my old boss, a Pork Schnitzel with onions and chatted for a while. Not much has changed around there with the exception of some old tenants moving out. Two of them are going into a Nursing Home, one passed away, and the other two are moving into a house. Ozman the super of the building just across the street from my old building is in the hospital very sick. He has had two heart attacks, a by-pass and wears a pacemaker. My old boss said it doesn’t look good for him and he is only 62.

Well I made it home and the apprehension or excitement, whatever, is gone. I’m just happier than the proverbial pig that I am mobile. HI HO BABY AWAAAAAY!.


One thought on “RAMBLIINGS 2

  1. Spring is here…and summer follows…so you’re back to the Pleasure of the Road…with your “Baby”! There is pleasure in every season, yet these two
    and early autumn are the epitome of Good Times!

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