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WHAT IF?????????
I have been asked many times “what if you could go back and start again” how do you answer that. If you say yes then your life as you have known it would cease to exist. If that happened what would your new life look like because of the changes that would have been wrought? From the day of your birth until you reach your teens the decisions in your life were either made by your parents or greatly influenced by them. Once you reach adulthood the decisions were yours and everyone you made brought you to this point in time and because we are human we are bound by those choices be they right or wrong.
The Ancient Greeks believed that all life was guided by the Moirai (Fate). Clotho (the spinner) spun the thread of life. Lachesis drew lots to determine how long one lives and Atropos (The Inevitable) determines how one dies cutting the thread with her shears. To the Greeks the three Moirai sister visited a newborn within three days of birth to determine the child’s fate and life. If this were so then life would be pre-ordained and any and all choices that you made would have been foreseen. This I cannot agree with as I would like to feel that the choices I made were mine and not that of three old sisters sitting in a cave predetermining everything. There seems to be a bit of a contradiction here in that Achilles chose a short glorious life over a long mundane one. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps the Moirai knew all along what he would choose. Either way I do not like the concept of pre-ordination. So let’s get back to What If.
There is a big what if in my life perhaps the biggest. My Father died in WW II and my Mother remarried after the war and my step-dad brought us to Canada where he was born. I have often wondered what if my Father had lived what would my life have been like. I know this it would be a hell of a lot different than it turned out. My Father was a professional soldier and there is a good chance he would have stayed in the British Army as his career. I would have been raised and educated in Scotland quiet possibly followed him into the army. Who knows? If I could go back to the point where I came to Canada and grew up here if I would change anything. Sometime it is best to leave well enough alone but then thinking, what would I change. That is one hell of a quandary. If I changed this or that would I still marry the same woman and would we have our two daughters. Would I have gone to fight in someone else’s war? Would I have stayed in school and got my degree in History and become a teacher, professor, or historian. Would my marriage stayed intact or would I have still screwed that up by being complacent. Would I still have travelled as I did and loved the women I did along the way? Would it still work out that I retired and moved into the Warehouse and meet the friends I have now? Boy there sure is a lot of questions being asked here. If you are a fan of Sci Fi then you know that when it comes to time there are an infinite amount of possibilities for every action that is taken. The road forks somewhere along its route do you go left or right or do you make the third choice and forge your own road straight ahead. Is it the destiny of us puny humans to live and die in a world of preordination or is it a world where we really do make the choices, for good or bad, I like to think, no I believe it is the latter. I made my own choices not the mythical Moiria or Fates.


2 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

  1. Life is full of IFS…whether in the past…or now in the present…even the future.
    If Native American or Canadian Native…maybe First Nation, your birth is governed
    initially by a Shaman…who, when an omen appears, the name is given through
    him to your birth family. And you have a Guiding Star. If you are taught to Respect your Parents and Mother Earth, you cannot go far astray.
    Yet, Yes…I can look back and wonder…what if? But my road was also
    predetermined by circumstances…and opportunities for me to consider.

  2. Meg Stevens says:

    Decisions, decisions,decisions!!!!!!!
    That is life, our early years are all about learning lessons on how to make our decisions for our best results.
    When we reach, the age of reason, we must use our early lessons to make our own decisions.
    Some lessons have to be repeated over and over until we learn how to make the correct decision.

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