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Condemned bldg  HCHC & WAREHOUSE 4100.

A reader of my “Warehouse 4100” series has commented that she is insulted by the title. I cannot take credit for the title as a friend of mine came up with it saying the original title “4100” needed more kick to it to try and get the idea across that HCHC is ignoring the residents here. I can understand this as I have heard and seen some of what is going on in our building. One of the female residents has physical assaulted a number of tenants including your truly and even with incidents reported to management nothing was done. HCHC it seems also has a problem with losing paperwork. On tenant had to fill out and submit the same form for her rent assessment seven times. This building is independent living but there are at least 3 tenants that should be in a care giving location. Two of the three are schizophrenic and one has Alzheimer’s and has nearly set his apartment on fire twice. HCHC solution to this is they disconnected his stove. In 2013 all the balconies were refurbished and in the process the front windows in the lobby were spattered with concrete. It took months to get HCHC to get someone to remove it. Now the windows are just dirty and have been for over a year and HCHC has gotten anyone to clean them even though it has been requested umpteen times. On a personal note I have not really had any problem with HCHC the only complaint I had was last year when I received a rent increase. I was not upset about that because even with the increase my rent is very reasonable. No it was the way they applied it that I was upset about and I complained. I was given the reason why it was done the way it was and even though I disagreed I accepted their explanation. Getting repairs done has become more complicated as now we have to file a request in writing and have it sent to the head office whereas before we made out the request and handed it to the super. They are slower now because of this and the fact that the super has two buildings to look after which are about two kilometres, at least, from each other. At times it feels that the way the rules are applied are discriminatory; case in point the policy is that you cannot move from one apartment to another but within the last year this has been allowed in two cases. One tenant requested to move from her 1st floor apartment to one on either the 2nd or 3rd floor because her present location was flooded last year in that big storm we had. She was informed that she would have to get letters from her doctor saying she had medical reasons for moving and if approved she would be charged $250.00 for the paperwork. The others who were allowed to move did not have to pay this to my knowledge. The individual who feels insulted by the title also lives in “geared to income “housing operated by a private company for HCHC. This building is a two tower high rise in Oakville and has independent living in one and care giving in the other. It even has a small convenience store located on site. So perhaps before anyone feels insulted by the title they should experience what some of the tenants do here.


One thought on “HCHC & WAREHOUSE 4100.

  1. Moving here end of October 2006, I’ve had no complaint about service requests.
    To all residents here and to staff when onsite, it’s my policy to treat all with respect,
    politeness and understanding. Nor do I indulge in gossip and negativity!
    I’ve discovered over the years that these foregoing qualities are worth
    much mileage!

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