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As of late most of my writings have been centered on the “Warehouse 4100” series to the neglect of other topics. Therefore I have decide I will shut down the Warehouse for awhile and concentrate on my other favourite topics. There is an election brewing in the states for 2016 and we here in ‘THE GREAT WHITE NORTH’ will go to the polls in October of this year. I have been remiss in not publishing some of the other topics such as Bashing. My favourite topics will return and they are Politics & Politicians, and Fundamentalist Religious Whackos.
The Circus Maximus in the U.S. is slowly gearing up with some politicians already declaring their candidacy 20 months ahead of the election. The American election should be an excellent source of topics. The Canadian Election will also be fodder for some bashing. It is 7 months to our election and already the Conservatives are attacking Trudeau, not Justin but his Father Pierre who has been dead for 15 years. All politicians take a page from Joseph Goebbels book in that “if you tell a lie enough times people will believe it is true”. Politicians will promise anything and everything to get elected then once in office either forget the promises or simply deny that they made them, but we all know that. Just for comparison the average Canadian campaign season now a days is 35.5 days, the longest post war campaign was in 1988 which lasted 63 days. Both these numbers fall far short of our U.S. cousins which are at least a year or more.
The worlds’ Religions are also a great source of topics. Personally I don’t think there is much difference in either Christian or Muslim Fundamentalism both have access to weapons and given the opportunity the Christian Radicals would be doing exactly what the Muslim Radicals are doing. The most dangerous individuals are Religious Zealots for they fear nothing in their pursuit to martyrdom.
Now that the good weather looks like it is hear for awhile I’ll be spending most of my days riding around on my E-Scooter so the blogs might not come regularly. We’ll see. If and when a topic warrants it during the vacation time the Warehouse will return.



  1. So pleased was I yesterday. when indicated that Hilary Clinton would be running for the US Presidency in 2016. Hurrah for her! She was really the ‘brains’ behind Bill, as most realized. She has the experience, the guts and the fortitude.
    Re our Federal Election this year in October, I simply cannot even speculate!

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