Went to see a Lung Specialist yesterday as I have been short of breath after the slightest exertions. Being the wise ass I can be sometimes I figured I have C.O.P.D. (self-diagnosis) because of smoking for 56 years before finally quitting 27 months ago after my 3rd heart attack. Well I was told by the specialist that he doesn’t think I have C.O.P.D. so I asked what else it could be to which he said I don’t know at this point but I will find out. I did find out from the breathing test I took in his office that I have only lost roughly 29% of my lung capacity. I figured it would be a lot more than that. So now the quest begins to find out what is wrong. I have a number of test to do starting next month and I was surprised when he told me to go off all inhalants such as Spiriva and the Breeze haler that I’m on.

Let’s see if I don’t have C.O.P.D. what does that leave? We won’t go there because I don’t have enough info to speculate and the possibilities are a bit disconcerting. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing so I will wait until the test are finished and I get a briefing from the doctor in June. In the meanwhile I go along my blissful merry way and enjoy the good weather which has arrived to stay for awhile. In fact I have been sitting on the park benches outside the building absorbing the rays. Got a bit of a burn on my head as the protection that was once abundant is really getting thin. I will soon have to start wearing a hat.
Well that’s about it for my first medical posting on myself. Looks like I am turning into your typical “Old Fart” sitting around talking about what ails us and comparing operations. Ain’t getting old exciting??????????????



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