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NRA & TERRORISTS. 2015/04/21

The NRA is back in the news after their annual get to-gather. For years Lapierre has been hammering on that Americans need to buy guns to protect themselves from crime. Well that ain’t washing so well as according to statistics violent crime is on the decrease in the U.S.A. so now the new bugaboo is Terrorists both home grown and foreign. Any and all reasons to get people to buy guns and increase the profits of the weapons manufacturers. What started out as a sports shooting club is now a powerful lobby for the Gun Industry. I guess all the money Lapierre and his ilk are paid helps to assuage their conscience, but wait a minute, these are god-fearing Christians doing gods’ work by encouraging folks to arm themselves for the coming Armageddon.

I for one agree that Islamic Terrorists groups have to be eliminated but that is the job of the military not a bunch of red-neck vigilantes shooting anyone and everyone that they suspect is a Muslim. It’s bad enough in the states what with the police shooting black people at the drop of a hat now the NRA wants people to be armed against terrorists which basically means anyone with brown skin or wears a head scarf will be a potential target. Only in the “Land of the Free” will you find this mentality of shoot first then ask questions. Of course you can feel righteous because The NRA and its’ Prophet Wayne LaPierre are behind you.

Any sane person (I repeat SANE) would realize that by making weapons easier to get puts weapons in the hands of the so called “bad guy” and there are some very bad guys out there. The foreign terrorists don’t enter the U.S, armed to the teeth no they obtain their guns locally and as it is so easy to get guns in the states they have a virtual gold mine of weapons to obtain illegally. IN fact they don’t even have run the risk of stealing weapons when they can go to a Gun Show, of which there are an abundance, and for the right amount of money find a dealer who is willing to bend the law and sell them just about any type of fire arm you can name.

So with statistics showing a drop in violent crime in the U.S. Lapierre and the NRA have latched onto the Terrorist scenario. One way or the other the NRA is going to make sure that their distorted lie about the 2nd amendment is maintained and Like Herbert Hoover with his “Chicken in every pot” the NRA will have a gun in every house.


One thought on “NRA & TERRORISTS

  1. Meg Stevens says:

    Too true, but if you want to build something new that will last then the old crap has to be torn down and everything will look realy bad for a while.

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