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One of my favourite American women has opened her mouth again and stuck not only both her feet in she also managed to crowd her butt in also. The former representative for Minnesota’s’ 6th Congressional District and Tea Party supporter in a radio interview stated that “The Rapture is coming thanks to President Obamas’ policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality”.

For those who don’t know “The Rapture is the End Times and the second coming of Christ to Earth and the believers who are dead shall rise up and the believers who are alive will rise to meet the Lord in the air” in other words the Judgement Day, Armageddon, Ragnarok, The End. Makes for a good Fairy Tale. Michele is married to a man (Marcus) who runs some kind of rehab centre for Gay people teaching that they can become straight through prayer. If you believe that I know of some good swamp land for sale.

To get back to Michele, later in the same interview she again tied her Rapture prediction to Obamas” foreign policy say that he is determined to let Iran have nuclear weapons and to also cut the legs out from under Israel. She went on further to say that god is punishing the U.S. for its’ Pagan Ways by allowing abortion and gay marriage. This women would make a number one snake oil salesman or better yet a preacher a female Elmer Gantry. Bachmann is a University graduate with a law degree a member of the Republican Party and sat in Congress from 2007 until 2014 when she decided to step down. She is a well-educated woman and it is perplexing that she actually believes this nonsense she spouts. Before Xmas 2014 she wanted President Obama to bomb Iran for a present. Somewhere along the line this woman ended up a couple bricks shy a full hod (a Y shaped device for carrying bricks). She has also argued that god is punishing the U.S. for embracing a pagan view such as abortion and gay marriage. She also claims that any treaty on nuclear arms with Iran will lead to WW III. If there is a god, which I seriously doubt, he has a weird sense of humour when he allows people of her ilk to come into this world. There are times I swear they are a waste of skin.


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